UFO Case Review – Tehran UFO Incident, 1976


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Believe Anomalous:

Despite the fact that anomalous sightings among law enforcement and army personnel are comparatively common, a person case in particular serves to shatter the myth that trained observers do not see UFOs. The incident transpired in September 1976, in excess of Tehran, the capital town of Iran, when several jet fighters were scrambled to intercept a odd, luminous object observed exterior the town. The ensuing activities remaining a extensive paper path that ultimately worked its way into the arms of American Intelligence officers. The comparatively clear investigation that took position in Iran is a shining instance of what can be completed when UFO research is not hindered by ridicule, incredulity, and government secrecy.

For more info on this case, see Bruce Maccabee’s “The Iranian Jet UFO Chase,” offered on his web page: http://brumac.8k.com/IranJetCase/


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  1. Daniel Perez says:

    I think there's some weird stuff going on up there ?

  2. Theo P says:

    Weather balloon or swamp gas

  3. Tripster3 says:

    I wish you could have found a way to monetize this page in order to keep it going. Yours is one of the BEST ufo related pages in ALL OF YOUTUBE…and I've seen hundreds upon hundreds over the years. I like your new channel also, and I understand why you created it, so that you can branch off into other areas of interest. The "ufo" interest is so saturated on YT and its hard to get a good subscription footing. Good luck on the other page. Man I wish you'd keep "Ufo Case Review" going…swear I do.

  4. I'd like to know what all our governments really know about UFO's. They could be hiding some very dark secrets.

  5. The UFO (TEHERAN, 1976) jumped by 25 miles in a snap, says Parvis JAFARI:

    A snap, corresponds to a period between 1 / 100th and 1 / 10th of a second.

    This gives into a second:

    1) 1 / 10th 25miles X 10 = 250 miles per second => 900 000 miles / h
    2), 1 / 100th 25miles X 100 = 2500 miles per second => 9,000,000 miles / h

    What gives, in flight of 1H, the distance :

    1) 1/10 900 000 miles / h => 2-way Earth-Moon
    2), 1 / 100th 9,000,000 miles / h => 20 roundtrip Earth-Moon

    The corresponding acceleration should be encrypted, also:

    The attraction Earth is 1 G, that is to say 32 ft / s2. This means that at the end of a second, the speed of 32 ft / s2 X 1 sec = 32 ft / s or 22 miles / h

    1), 1 / 10th 250 miles per second, giving an acceleration of 45 000 G
    2), 1 / 100th 2500 miles per second, giving an acceleration of 450 000 G

    If instead of lasting between 1 / 100th and 1 / 10th of a second, the acceleration continues for 10 minutes, how much will be the speed reached by the UFO JAFARI called The UFO TEHRAN?

    Only for 10mn of acceleration : (and why not 10 minutes of acceleration)

    1) 1 / 10th accelerating 45000 G: 1,440,000 ft / s2 X 600 = 165,000 miles / s almost the speed of light …
    2) 1/100 450 000 G acceleration: 14,400,000 ft / s2 X 600 = 1 650 000 miles / s nearly 10 times the speed of light …

    Impossible to exceed the speed of light?
    So how can a material object may have an acceleration of between 45 000 and 450 000 G, without being squashed like a pancake than a thinner gold leaf?

    We are in the order of values to cut the almost inhuman breath !!!


  6. I was In north of Tehran in military duty. I was exchanging guards in the Lashgarak military base. I sow very shinny objet in the air for about 50 second turning around itself and flying very fast. I remember it like it was yesterday. [email protected]. Today's date 2/16/2016

  7. Reza Babakan says:

    im from iran. it has been so many ufo reports in several places in iran. also these days arrount nuclear facilities but most ppl dont talk about it.

  8. Not Telling says:

    Are you findingufos? Do you know about your vids going on that channel? He links to yours, just wanted to make sure it was legit? Led me to your channel, thanks for the content. You've earned a sub.

  9. A Sam says:

    Weather balloon.

  10. Is it possible it was some secret US weapon like in ''Cash-Landrum'' case ? Considering the interest US have shown after the ''Blue Book'' project was officially closed.

  11. Ur voice makes the story even more interesting thumbs up keep uploading Pls

  12. Joey S says:

    theres no such thing as ball lightning probably weather balloon

  13. Very good video 🙂 as usually with your videos,well done…

  14. RazzleDazzle says:

    I know that after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the new Iranian government released a lot of documentation on the Shah's government's activities especially their activities with US intelligence. Has anything further come to light concerning this incident? 

  15. Matt Wiser says:

    Good video…though finding images of IIAF F-4s should be easy. Now, as for the actual case, chances are, there's more info in USG files, but those are likely still highly classified-as in code-word classified. Now, if you could do one about the RB-47 incident on 17 Jul 1957, where a USAF RB-47H was followed by a UFO for 700 miles across four states, and the UFO was itself tracked by ground radar, the RB-47's own navigation radar, and the ELINT crew in the bomb bay picking up the UFO's own radar signals. This one is a Condon Report unknown, and the late Dr. James McDonald and Dr. J. Allen Hynek also considered the case to be highly unusual.

  16. danbit5 says:

    was it ball lightning?

  17. Thetarget1 says:

    Shape changing, instantaneous movement, erratic behaviour? Doesn't sound like a spaceship, more like an optical effect or ball lightning.

  18. Jeff Gohlke says:

    "It was the first time they saw a self-correcting malfunction."

  19. Thank you for posting this video on Youtube. We promoted it in the following History and Headlines article: http://www.historyandheadlines.com/september-19-1976-iranian-f-4-phantoms-defeated-ufo/

  20. Should also have revealed the fact that the object was observed by the US DSP and State Dept cables confirm this.

  21. terry autry says:

    I've actually seen two ufos when I was a kid.  It was in the spring of 1992 I believe. I was ten years old. I'll never forget that wicked and horrible night. We were in our grandmother's house and i was sitting in there watching tv.  Everyone ran outside for some reason, and then of course I ran out to see what they were so hyped up about.  That's when I saw those two ufos.  They were hovering almost right over top of us.  They were big, with lights illuminating. The scariest thing I saw as a kid. They stood in the air, one in front and the other a little behind it, right off to the side.  Next thing you knew, they took of so fast like it was nothing. It scared me so bad, and I was afraid to sleep after that. Not too long ago, I saw two jets chasing a ufo around here one night. At first I noticed to the two jets flying around in circles over our house. And I was wondering why, til I saw this ufo ascend up into the sky and then the jets chased it away.  I also one day driving home in broad daylight, so this big blimp looking thing fly over the woods when I was going home, looked blue like a giant blimp heading into the woods. I couldnt get a good look at it.  


  23. dom dell says:

    These cases fall off the grid.Your doing a gr8 job documenting and co ordinating them.Its gonna pay off in the long run.Your gonna be able to notice patterns and similiarities the average person isnt exposed to.Keep digging.Make your own Database.Trademark your vids.Id hate to see someone steal your hard work and cash in.

  24. This information also is in the Quran:  
    Sura 37 Saffat. Line 10-11 "Indeed, We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars and as protection against every rebellious devil. They may not listen to the exalted assembly [of angels] and are pelted from every side, Repelled; and for them is a constant punishment, Except one who snatches by theft, but they are pursued by a burning flame, piercing [in brightness]. Then inquire of them, [O Muhammad], "Are they a stronger [or more difficult] creation or those [others] We have created?" Indeed, We created men from sticky clay.:" 

    It's why the UFO ascended and went back to where it came from, because we are protected by God's angels by other creations that wish to harm us. 🙂

  25. Probably my favourite case, mainly due to the many (very credible) witnesses, great detail of the craft, no ambiguities, and no reliance on questionable techniques like regressive hypnosis.

  26. wow i am from Iran and this is best video I ever seen about UFOs in MY country thanks but more videos  

  27. Great vids!  I can't stop watching them!  And yes, I did subscribe.

  28. mogimuss says:

    Excellent video. Its quite obvious we are not alone here.

  29. Love the videos keep up with the great work

  30. I love these reviews. It's a great introduction to the UFO phenomenon.

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