UFO Hauled Through Illinois To Radiation Spike Site?


This mysterious craft was spotted on I-57 Northbound at the location marked ‘A’ on the map below.. Those familiar with the recent ‘radiation spike’ in the Indiana, Michigan, Chicago area will notice this craft is being moved towards the same area.

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  1. dave says:

    So how far from Hollywood was this item spotted or for that matter how far from Washington . both centers of crap and nonsense . someone is taking the piss out of you lot . and given the dumb down population of the US . any thing is possible!!

  2. jgranger says:

    secret stuff would be transported inside a trailer or double wide mobile home, Or Freight helicopter…

  3. jgranger says:

    AN16r22 Microwave Satellite transmission dish with transport packing

  4. Tienne says:

    It’s apparently a drone. An “X-47B tailless strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft. One of only two in existence”, according to wibqfm dot com.

  5. dmodelo says:

    who cares if the government loves collecting space alien’s vehicles.

  6. saqib says:

    but this has tires, Aliens craft has no tires, they can stand only in a place

  7. Susan Mullen says:

    Here in Seattle I’ve seen new boats being moved like this, wrapped tightly in some kind of sheet. This object looks like a large sailboat, positioned on the trailer upside-down.

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