UFO Lou – 5 minutes later – triangle returns – with formation


Description – Possibly I recorded the triangle returning or I recorded a 2nd 1. I have recorded that development right before. I usually assumed they ended up the US Miltary sat. formations. The total detail is too odd.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Lou, what equiptment do you use to observe and record with?

  2. Niggleblade says:

    I first saw a triangle like this in 2005. It moved across the sky like that before entering a bigger triangle the same shape. The lights disappeared one by one as they entered the bigger triangle. Ever since then I have seen things like this in the sky. Thanks for the videos, people never believe me when I tell them the things I have seen now I can show them video evidence. Keep up the good work, always look forward to what you upload next

  3. doggies00 says:

    Love your work Lou, good to see you back with footage again, you always give us something interesting to view.. Keep up the good work champ..

  4. i dont see nothing? and i know my 144p setting on my 1inch government Obama fone aint the issue.

  5. what are you using to capture as night vision. would like to do the same with your setup thanks.

  6. i have seen that exact formation here in england twice thru my igen 2020

  7. How many hours do you get out of your night vision tube? And have you ever received a crappy one?

  8. Prof. Salami says:

    Could you describe some your full equipment  cameras, filters, recorders etc.

  9. Ohh a typewriter, now i can save 🙂

  10. Very, very interesting Mr. Lou, thank you for this beautiful videos of intergalactic space-ships. Continue a good work! Greetings from Slovenia! Ciao! P.S. ( I saw all your videos)

  11. Charlie Mac says:

    Great capture Lou. Could clearly see triangle shape in first pass.

  12. Allan T says:

    Always amazing finds, I myself have never seen a triangle, closet Ive seen is two orbs in formation side by side

  13. rblibit says:

    As usual, "You Da Man!" Lou! or, if I was still moon-lighting on the 19th floor of WTC One in 1983 it would be: "You Beez It, Man!" – Of course, I could go back to a past life in the Isles where: "You are the gentleman of the day, my fine fellow!" You catch stuff others only dream of… ("others" being me, of course… <sigh>). As always, THANK YOU!

  14. markantcliff says:

    you've videoed this ten times now, is there a pattern like its every thursday night ect
    it must be going somewhere, great video by the way

  15. And especially if the object is the same, you should see if the direction on both videos is the same. Especially if you have seen more times this object you could find also possible positions on earth from where it came, or goes.

  16. Markx 66 says:

    Would I be correct in thinking birds at a high altitude would not give much reflection of light for the NV tube to pick up. Do you think maybe the triangle is producing it`s own light and thats how its visible to the NV tube. Just thinking that maybe it could provide some positive proof of either it is or it is not birds… I know what I think. Well done LOU.

  17. hmm.. well i have never see satalites in a triangular formation. great catch lou.

  18. déjà vu says:

    Looks a bit clearer than it did on yesterdays upload.

  19. I think a thermal camera is a must!

  20. They change distance in real or because of the lense? Is it possible that its a one object? Maybe look again closely the first video?

  21. Não estamos sozinhos!!!!!

  22. Beujah OVNI says:

    Maybe satellites ?

  23. second event definitely satellites but event 1 was real

  24. maccycle says:

    Great footage, you definitely caught something. My bet is on the secret space program.

  25. StarkNorth says:

    NIce! They all head the same direction. Strange.

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