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UFO Sighting at Twin Towers 9/11 WTC Attacks.

Source: https://youtu.be/EyyWyOilqJQ
Online video by: NewsNotShownonTV (YT-channel).

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Phil Young – UFOs have been observed at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 and are proof the Arabs have been not dependable, as the Arabs do not have UFOs, only the Israelis and United states have the UFOs and this Technological know-how.

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  1. will wagner says:

    Tom, I replied to your comment but apparently it isn't going to be posted. I'm not an expert on UFO's. You may very well be. I hope so. I'm not anti UFO. What I am, personally, is frustrated by the decades long posting of pictures and video's that are not up to the task. My area is photography. As  I have posted on other sites I believe it's time to organize, get financing, purchase the best day and night equipment you can afford and set up a team in a high UFO area. Train the people in the use of the equipment. Practice with it until you are ready to use it at a moments notice. Then get video's or pictures that are irrefutable. That show perfect detail down to the half inch. The equipment is out there, the interest is out there, the people are out there but for it to happen someone has to step up to the plate and make it happen. Not a criticism of your efforts but clearly after decades it's long overdue to break the biggest story in history. The people who do this will be in the history books forever.

  2. Read the Book of Adam and Eve I & II. You have no past with the insignificant knowledge this world gives you.

  3. That was actually 1 of the engines. It killed a mother of 2 named Maria . as much as I believe in aliens & know for a fact 9/11 was a hoax by our government there was no ufos around that day .

  4. In 2001 my father taped the news in VHS and we noticed this weird thing. We got so scared and surprised by this "UFO" that when Youtube was launched, I researched for more videos… There are many cameras showing this thing, from different angles. Also, it looks like the same "UFO" that appeared in Japan in 2011 during the Tsunami.

  5. will wagner says:

    In the very first clip it is clearly a fake. What is being called a UFO disappears shortly after it passes the second tower. This is due to the super imposed clip that was added ended at this point. From here on out when the slow motion videos are shown they cut out prior to the end of the super imposed clip.

  6. It's not a UFO it's only part of that plane. I believe in aliens but i see this is not a UFO

  7. Adobe After Effects 🙂

  8. Ruben Luciow says:

    What I'm about to say is come from a Hypnosis search made by Italian hypnologist Calogero Grifasi. A person with psychs abilities was put into hypnosis and "mentally sent" to the planes and to the people that organize those fatidical events. Is not easy to understand and is very complex. People that hijack the planes and that organize sept 11 were deceived by VERY DARK FORCES that try to manipulate our world. This "forces" are not "terrestrial". They are from another dimension. For reasons that we don't know: those "dark energies" built a "dimensional portal" and made a HOLOGRAM with the planes and with the towers. It "seems" that the two planes that crashed the buildings had "no passengers inside" (they were taken to another dimension before the crash) (the deceived pilots were there). In resume: The twin towers were not crushed by the planes (they want us to believe that were the planes) (They did a Hologram to fool us) They destroyed the Towers with technology we don't understand….It seems Judy Wood realized some mistakes they did. I am very surprised. I am not a lunatic. I'm a hypnologist that just follows hypnosis researchers around the world. I am pretty sure that Calogero Grifasi is one of the best on the planet regarding paranormal research. Two different people put into hypnosis about sep 11th events have reveal same events

  9. MIKE GAMER says:

    Okay the guy of the begining has a really weird eyes get close to his eyes its so weird reptilian maybe?

  10. Smash'N'Grab says:

    that's some one jumping out of the plane ?

  11. Please help victims of Terror and watch my YouTube Channel.

  12. wow that looks exactly like the flying object that was seen zooming by right when that space rocket blew up

  13. Sure, one could regard it as another 'coincidence' but it did strike me as a manifestation of evil. But there are multiple endless universes unseen. It's up to all of us to choose for good or bad intentions. That's all there's to it in a nut shell. We will all incarnate. Some have to go a long long way .

  14. No, what I mean to say is that while viewing the horrific scene is that from the impact and smoke emerges this image showing these two black eyes and mouth. It got me me quite terrified. Don't stop at that moment 1:10/4:03 but watch how it becomes visible before and after …

  15. Ice Artz says:

    it was a bird :-/

  16. For fuck sake you guys, shut the fuck up about his eye, it was a simple glitch

  17. Andrew Eaton says:

    So at 0:26, is that actual shape-shifting like David Icke says or some type of hologram failure. He seems benevolent whatever he is.

  18. Besides the UFO which in my opinion is REAL. Have any of you noticed that when you stop the video at 1:10/4:03 there is some kind of an eery face clearly visible ?

  19. they are showing you this, which has been going on for a while, so you can choose a side of evilness. once again makinh you think they are the ruler of the land, this land. not.

  20. you can see it move the flames as the plane hit

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