Unexpected kisses: WWE Top 10


Emotions can get the best of any Superstar, which can sometimes lead to surprising shows of affection. Here’s 10 truly unexpected displays of emotion in WWE that were sealed with a kiss.

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48 Responses

  1. What about when Brie kissed AJ

  2. Aditya Jha says:

    Daniel Bryan is so lucky to be kissed by the 2 hottest woman on this planet.

  3. kane didnt even know how to react

  4. That video should be exposed all that weird stuff

  5. Roses are red violets are blue subscribe to me or lesnar will f-5 u

  6. Apple Sauce says:

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    I fapped for 4 minutes
    and so did u

  7. I Love God J says:

    I love God Jesus god Christ god forever forever

  8. Hicieron un muy buen trabajo al contratar a Nikki Bella

  9. nacola09 says:

    Nikki. John ceto. Aj 

  10. roses are red violets are blue this doesnt rhyme scroll away maaaaannnnnnnnnn

  11. I want to be Daniel Bryan

  12. Peter Mate says:

    is deniel Bryan is famous?

  13. Raunak II says:

    can't believe Kane lasted 20 seconds smooching that piece of pure of hotness 0:501:08

  14. Mark Winslow says:

    We want the hardy boyz back in wwe

  15. Mark Winslow says:

    We want the hardy boyz back in wwe

  16. 1.31 when u kiss for the first time……. LOL

  17. You can tell the last guy was so overwhelmed and in total erotic shock lol. Lucky guy!

  18. Sasha Banks says:

    No offence but I don't like mickie James at all

  19. bryan is so damn lucky ..


  21. Yosif Ali says:

    Kane is sooooooo lucky

  22. iTz MoSeS says:

    kane be like

    what is this feeling im being wrapped by an angel help help

  23. its going to be my job in the future

  24. El jueves que viene de una sefuerom y no que ases hija del Facebook ha no te preocupes por mí y tu número que no le kjhgfdssz123458901234567890 el y no te lo que ases que no gustado mucho la cabeza que 305?????doghouse is the one that lope hopes will mom mom poi

  25. Si me gusta la música ? de que ases en su numero uno

  26. Kane got kissed by the hottest girl in the pg era,nice

  27. Mickie,Damn autocorrect

  28. That dude got kissed by Michie James before she went nuts,nice.

  29. VaPe God says:

    4:08 whats the name of two girls

  30. Boran Dogan says:

    Je comprend pas mai c'est romantique

  31. mae yound is ugly as poop

  32. Jamond Ross says:

    aj lee is so hot

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