Unidentified Flavourful Object [UFO] – Mili


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50 Responses

  1. asagi drop says:


  2. いい曲……(*´∀`)

  3. Now my fatass is hungry. Thanks, Mili.

  4. Jason Sim says:

    I though she said no dick like wtf? I misinterpreted the words and heard it wrongly.

  5. 川村朱雀 says:

    this is interesting and beautiful when I'm sad so much.

  6. Oldie says:

    Favorite from Miracle Milk <3

  7. Who sang this? Momocashew or Hagi?

  8. mama4292 says:


  9. 한 규 최 says:


  10. NeComagic says:

    0:581:13 Is that Angklung sound in the background? Someone, please correct me. I'm curious XD.

  11. Omeganoid says:

    H-Help!!! My heart hurts because there are lot of love essence in this song. Please. I don't have much time.

  12. So, this song is a more innocent version of "it" right? Like Love?//blushblush

  13. Huy Gia says:

    I love this song ! ^ ^

  14. Juan Acosta says:

    Someone made this song into midi please

  15. i love it so much this song ! :'D

  16. WEI says:

    This song is so sweet ~ But how can I find and off vocal version please ?

  17. what is this genre called?

  18. 天神斑鳩 says:

    大好きだわ 幸せを感じる

  19. Cha Chan says:

    I just love this song

  20. "http://img.youtube.com/vi/S77Dfzzyf-c/maxresdefault.jpg"

    You're welcome. Don't forget to check Mili's doobly doo for the artist name.

  21. 栗原圭輝 says:

    It.s very beautiful song!
    I like this song

  22. 栗原圭輝 says:

    It.s very beautiful song!
    I like this song

  23. MI AOU says:

    I think that all the Mili's songs are made with Reason… Am I right?

  24. Homeostasis says:

    let me throw money at this songgg

  25. AmIImA says:

    This is the kind of space travel I can handle. x)

  26. Mark Senpai says:

    wanna know what guys when i fcking hear songs like this , thoughts come to my mind that i just want to have a peaceful life and to do that ill have to die but i cant coz i just have a one shot at this so i just fcking continue this shty life and suffer again.

  27. not in the album based on wiki ?

  28. 이승훈 says:

    이 노래 진짜 좋아용ㅠㅠ 뭔가 감동적ㅠㅠ

  29. kiomaru1 says:

    this song sounds like obesity

  30. Yashimu says:

    Another beautiful masterpiece, thank you.

  31. Just wondering (somebody please answer)… how many albums does Mili has? And the names, please ♡

  32. 스케 cs says:

    beautiful voice…

  33. For some reason, this song reminds me of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magicka :v

  34. Sg L says:

    Melting caramel drizzled over my baked custard pudding
    녹은 카라멜이 구운 커스터드 푸딩 위에 이슬비가 되어 내려서
    Softly embraces my taste buds, deliciously
    내 혀를 부드럽게 끌어안아요, 맛있게
    Maple syrup covered recipe
    메이플 시럽으로 가득한 조리법으로

    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Curled up under my blanket
    폭신한 오믈렛으로 만들어진
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Made out of fluffy omelette
    담요 아래에 웅크려서
    So many flavours to explore
    궁금한 맛들이 너무나도 많아
    I have to eat more
    그러니 난 더 먹어야 해요

    Candied ginger slices in between your rosy lips
    설탕을 묻힌 달콤한 생강조각이 당신의 장밋빛 입술 사이에
    One kiss is not enough for my sweet sweet tooth
    달디 단걸 좋아하는 나에겐 한 번의 입맞춤만으로는 부족해요
    Your eyes flicker like marbled champagne
    당신의 눈빛은 마치
    With pomegranate tea and dreams
    석류차와 꿈을 더한 마블드 샴페인 같아요

    A little bit spice
    향료를 조금
    A little bit salt
    소금도 조금
    A little bit sugar to top it all
    설탕도 조금 올려 마무리하고
    Rosemary cardamom anise
    로즈마리 카르다몸 아니스
    The flavours you taught me puts me at ease
    당신이 가르쳐준 맛은 나를 느긋하게 만들어줘요

    Love melts in my mouth
    사랑은 내 입 속에서 녹아내리고
    Dissolves my doubt
    내 의심도 녹여버리죠
    Paprika and parsley
    파프리카와 파슬리가
    dance with me now
    나와 함께 춤을 추어요

    No matter how far you go
    당신이 얼마나 멀리에 있어도
    I’ll always let you know
    언제든지 당신에게 알려줄게요.

    Kristi vechuna es tilia
    Hon deli e kasum ciella
    Lihie hanx ne tellehe
    Ccuccu ni ha quatrolle he

    That every moment I’ve spent with you is an everlasting view
    당신과 함께했던 모든 순간은 영원히 남을 광경들이에요
    I’ll shape my thoughts into little cubes
    나는 내 생각을 조그마한 큐브로 만들어
    And dip them in chocolate fondue
    초콜릿 퐁듀에 담글 거예요
    Across the sea and the land and the breeze
    바다와 육지와 바람을 가로질러
    I bet that you’re feeling lonely
    당신은 외롭다고 느낀다는 것에 걸겠어요
    You must be hungry waiting for me
    당신은 분명 날 기다리며 배고파 할테니까


    With you and me
    당신과 나
    Have faith in me
    나를 믿어보세요

    Engine powered by bitter memories
    전 씁쓸한 기억으로 움직이는 엔진을 타고
    Penetrate time and space
    시공간을 가로질러
    I’m flying across milky way
    은하수를 날아가고 있어요
    So don’t be late
    그러니 절대 늦지 마요

    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Vanilla cloves cinnamon flavoured apple pie spaceship
    바닐라, 정향 그리고 시나몬향 사과 파이 우주선

    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Black cherry flavoured redshift
    흑체리맛 적색편이
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    Raspberry flavoured blueshift
    라즈베리맛 청색편이
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라
    The land of tasty memories
    맛있는 기억들의 세상
    Lulala lilulila
    루라라 리루리라

    가사출처 – 나무위키

  35. Keep the meat halal 😉

    Can't wait for FarCry 6

  36. Uruz Chubun says:

    If interested in the instrumental, search up his soundcloud page under the name Yamato kasai. It's called gravel demo.

  37. ReverieRein says:

    I know this is a stupid question, but what's this song about? There's a lot of allusions to sweets and delicacies, but I'm not familiar with almost all of them, so I don't know if they're tied to the meaning of the song.

  38. 柏維林 says:

    Beautiful song I like it!!!

  39. Ollie Drez says:

    Between this and Chocological, I think Mili has a sugar obsession

  40. 권형미 says:

    I love Momocashew's voice soooo much!

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