UPDATE: (“W.W.3” excuse) “PUTIN” confirms that will destroy SYRIA and I..S..I..S.. completely 2016



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  1. Bi Esm says:


  2. I could stop all of this if I only had money, I would spend my time to start a revolution based on the declaration of independence and I would gather local freedom fighters and militias to help restore America.  I would over-throw the federal government as well as local if they refused to help, I would run for mayor or governor and take a stand, a serious constitutional stand, I would pursue the liars and cheats in Washington and all crimes of any members alive, including the bush's and Clinton's, lock them all up and throw away the key – That is the only solution. The constitution MUST be restored to pre-civil war changes, we need to take the power back, period.

  3. Sphinx Hutc says:

    Once again you see the United States of America is the ones causing the problem arming the enemy I'm paying them to kill. Imperialistic attitude our government is not only killing it on citizens is waging wars across the world taking many lives of women and children innocent fathers these people have nothing to do with the war there not military there' citizens just like us they think nothing of having them killed. Blaming it on someone else. They have lied over every war that has ever been we believed well some of us were naive and bought n to there propaganda. The system they had is failing with the Internet this is how we know the truth about what they're doing their lives and getting us to agree with war never again they create all the havoc there bullies and use our tax money to fund wars. Look it up the Internal Revenue Service is a privately owned bank Federal Reserve the 16th Amendment says taxes are voluntary look up your rights YouTube this information the director of the Internal Revenue Service has even stated such and she has walked away from her position when she discovered the lies she offered big money for anyone to find the information and the pages that stated we had to pay it was not there that help was brought to her attention so she researched it herself there are many people coming forward now she hasn't paid taxes since 1999 she says she will tell you on the video there many other attorneys and other professionals know your rights stop funding wars

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