US and Russian Generals in Syrian Mexican Standoff both sides freaking out as World War 3 kicks off


RT News Reports No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general Speaking to the US Senate, the Pentagon’s leaders blamed Russia for …


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  1. Jz K says:

    Damn right.

  2. this is crazy! If the u s go to war with syria and russia ("saying that diplomacy fails!") it wont be contained within syrian borders. europe will burn america will suffer greatly … Russian coalition forces significantly outnumber the u s coalition, and the threat of nuclear attack is immense especially from the DPRK and then Iran.
    Obama isnt leaving office he s going to push for a third term through war!!

  3. Ddd Kkk says:

    People should know the reason usa ,eu, france ,brussels ,walked out was the truth about the cease fire was going to be disclosed. No planes were supposed to fly durring sease fire and the usa used 3 planes to attack russia and syria. They walked out so you wouldn't know the truth. Does this guy tell you all this?

  4. Viambiladus says:

    dont get the mexican side

  5. Yea because people like McCain and many in the Administration are narrow-minded, spiritually blind, and cannot see the error of their way, yet they keep going forward in the way of error in spirit that would bring certain destruction. Which means they are going the way of Satan unaware, because of their arrogant nature of Pride, being double-minded, emboldening each other to actually think they can win a nuke war, gambling with peoples lives, overcoming the fear of going the way of death. They don't realize that in error, a move in error, could bring missiles raining down on our cities, because of the tension they are creating trying to fix things, unwilling to be honorable in truth. Its like watching middle school students at work with all their bickering arrogance, even the cynical nature of Power at the UN. That's so Ironic- Samantha "Power of the UN." And believe me its a sign of the way of spirit of error manifesting material truth these times of unrest. Yet God is doing a mighty work.

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