US Military TURNS UP THE HEAT on China with more US Navy Ships


The United States Armed Forces[5] are the federal military forces of the United States. They consist of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.


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  1. Everything China does and has militarily is modeled or directly copied from the US military. From drill & ceremony to tactical operations. They may want to think twice about all out war. They'll get thumped right back into an agrarian economy similar to the one they just came out of, the one they couldn't have come out of without the US government's help. insight, and leadership. Basically all the US has to do is develop a new technology and they will freak out and go back to their drawing board while their spies attempt to steal a copy of the schematics. They are lost without Daddy there to show them how it's done. They wouldn't know what to do even if they thought they had enough men and equipment built up to defeat the United States of America on any battlefield. Real or imagined. Right now they are just acting too big for their britches. Ever seen a big dog let a puppy chew on its ear even though the big dog is annoyed. As soon as the big dog shows his teeth the puppy pisses him self, tucks tail and runs. China is just chewing on the US's ear right now. They don't want the US military to show its teeth, because it would be embarrassing for the world to see China with piss all over their pants…….

  2. optimus0308 says:

    this is how china brainwash their people..

  3. USA je hegemon, roztahující se po celém světě!

  4. The Chinese are giving the power by the will of God for God reasons not the Chinese agenda of ruling the world,   we already are aware of the Chinese future plan and their mass build up of Navy and Air Force and ground troops,  we know they will strike America with nukes and follow by a great invasion from the west and the north and the south, and the Russians will strike the east coast with nukes follow by their invasions of 1000's of troops,  also we know that this invasion will only be for a short time and they will both be beating back and driven into the sea,  and we know that the US government will be destroyed and never rise again, and it will be the Saints that will save the constitution and with the host of heaven helping the saints and those who survives the worse parts of the war will be regroup and the battle will be taking again to the enemies, the Chinese will lose and the Russians will lose.   America know how and it's secret powerful weapons that are hid up until they are needed will be more powerful then what the Chinese and the Russians have altogether.  So you Chinese better beware your prosperity is just for a very short time,  the wicked Chinese and Russians and the devils other kingdom will come against the US and millions of Americans will be killed and much destruction,  but the Chinese will also face greater destruction and more then half of Chinese will be destroyed ,   the Russians will be beaten so bad that they will never be a threat to any nation once the God of this earth get done with our enemies.

  5. The only winners of WW3 will be the Lord Jesus Christ and his latter Day Saints and the US flag will flow over this land and liberty will be restored….  The Chinese wanting the whole damn earth to themselves is nuts,  the Chinese nut's are the people of the devil kingdom all communist nations are kingdoms of the Devil….


  7. Les Brown says:

    Everyone ready to spend trillions on trying to not kill each other still?
    Jesus H. Murphy.
    UN endorsements should lean toward no nation on earth spending more than 1% of the GDP on defense.
    Let it die.

  8. Tony Warden says:

    Kick China, North Korea and Iran ass all at one time do it hard just like ronald Reagan did


  10. I think in 30 years or less China will be a bigger threat than terrorism toward the USA and European economies.

  11. China is basically a Nazi Germany before Adolf Hitler today. In 20 years we will see their true objective

  12. The US has a vastly superior Navy compared to China, as well as air power. But the main advantage that the US has over China is the sheer number of allied forces- Australia is very strong, as is Japan- not mentioned is S Korea as well, Thailand, The Philippines. Vietnam is also being aligned with the US, and there will be substantial military aid forth coming, and they have proven they are extremely tough fighters. China has no one- none. Also invading Taiwan would be a complete military disaster for China as Taiwan is very well equipped.

  13. FUCK YOU CHINA….we don't like you china

  14. myrufabr4 says:

    ok crazy delusional guy

  15. Blake Seener says:

    Cant we all just get along?

  16. Daniel Damak says:

    Of course, this would not have happened in the first place, if this particular criminal country, did not begin to steal all islands not belonging to them. You cannot change the criminal mind. It will exhibit it's true nature in all spheres at every given opportunity. For that is the nature of the criminal mind. No respect for law or any civility. There is only one way to deal with this criminal, now that it has awakened.

  17. Texas Ray says:

    How can the US form an alliance in the area????
    What does the US have to offer allies???
    Money???? hahahhahahaa
    Military hardware, oh wait that costs money too.

    The only way the US can attract allies is by creating a war crisis and scaring them into an alliance.


  19. Atreju says:

    Idiots who know nothing about the consequences of a big war are commenting like it would be an entertaining thing to watch. Fuckin idiots.

  20. Dear People's Republic of China,

    I absolutely believe that you have the intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, military power and might to conquer the entire Asia continent for yourself and for yourself to call it the "China Continent" in the world we live. I am from Singapore and I currently still live in Singapore but however I hope that the current Republic of Singapore will surrender to your country the People's Republic of China and just be known as Singapore in the China Continent which belong to the People's Republic of China government and nation. I hope that all the countries in Asia will also surrender to your country the People's Republic of China and whether it is by use of force from your country the People's Republic of China or the country just surrender to your country the People's Republic of China without any use of force, I sincerely hope that all the currently "Asian" countries which includes India and Pakistan will surrender to your great and mighty and majestic country the People's Republic of China.

    Thank you very, very much.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ng Chee Hao James (Huang ZhiHao)

    From: Singapore

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