USA warns Russia of a possible World War 3 over Syria



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  1. you will suck bigg dick in Syria ­čśÇ …..´╗┐

  2. america is isis so you kill us around the World…Go Russia fuck a new World order ..take germany for the first time´╗┐

  3. Jason Walker says:

    all planned out…coming soon…any day…they know global economic collapse on or before 29th of elul end of Sept…but they wont wait for that…they will pull trigger on fake assassination of obama and ww3 happens immediately´╗┐

  4. Jesus r says:

    siria war is very sad… syria was before 2011 a good country.. after 2011 a kaos ..a nighmare. why? only OTAN, USA knows´╗┐

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