Ventura on CNN: ‘Every War Starts With a False Flag’


Adan Salazar

In a monumental television moment for truth seekers, Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN’s prime time Piers Morgan Tonight and proceeded to lash Morgan and his large audience with a barrage of questions and facts surrounding the nation’s most pivotal event.


Morgan, a seasoned journalist whose exploits include filling a judge’s seat on the reality show America’s Got Talent, faltered, quite comically, against the former Minnesota governor’s intense line of questions and facts, trying in vain to dispel a majority of what the truth advocate was saying.

Here’s a transcript of what took place:

Morgan: “What would you have done on September the 12 2001? What would you have done if you’d have been president?”

Ventura: “I would have done a legitimate investigation to find out what exactly happened on 9/11. How did they know who did this so quickly like they did Lee Harvey Oswald? How quick they know Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.”

Morgan: “We knew who did it because the people who did it were identified and we knew who they were.”

Ventura: “Well then why couldn’t we have stopped them before hand if they were identified and we knew who they were.”

Morgan: “It was a failure of intelligence. Everyone’s accepted that.”

Ventura: “No it wasn’t. We knew before with Condeleeza Rice’s memo in August 6th when it stated right in the memo: “Bin Laden to steal planes and run them into buildings.” And more stuff is coming out now also, how much the Bush administration ignored the intelligence. It was almost like they ignored it cause they wanted it to happen.”

“Oh come off it, Jesse,” Morgan stammered as the audience began applauding.

“Every war fought starts with a false flag operation,” Ventura finished up to scattered applause.

When, astoundingly, Ventura pointed out the BBC’s televised blunder during the 9/11 broadcast as it seemed to “predict” the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 half an hour before the building actually came down, Morgan dutifully bumbled to maintain the innocence of his nation’s beloved news organization: “If you’re trying to make out the British Broadcast Company, one of the most respected news organizations in the world, was inventing huge buildings falling over you need to have a break Jesse.”

At one point in the interview, which admittedly turned into more of a debate, Morgan criticized Ventura for making “crackpot points,” at which point Ventura turned to the audience and asked, “How many people here think I make crackpot points?”

Only one person in the audience agreed.

He next asked, “How many think I make sensible points?” which received a positive eruption of audience applause.

If Ventura’s appearance is any indication of what his announced independent 2016 presidential campaign is going to be like, it’s shaping up to be a wild, exciting ride.

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  1. jeyeykei says:

    watch this over on youtube. this was like watching a boxing match between a loud mouthed, yet all bark boxer and well versed and trained boxer. apparently it was a KO, and the well trained boxer won. job well done mr. verntura. bravo!

  2. Blue Dog says:

    That’s really stupid. Did World War II start with a false flag? How about World War I or the Korean War? How about the Civil War or the War of 1812 or the Revolutionary War? Ventura says a lot of stupid things with no proof to back it up.

    • ken snyder says:

      WW 1 for America to enter,the sinking of the Lusitania (carrying arms for the British) we were told it wasn’t but since it has been proved it was.Besides,the Germans warned Americans not to sail on it up front.The Korean war,a war of intent on the communist side.The Civil War,a war of liberation and intent for the South.

  3. Dorothy Wright says:

    Asking questions is the best maneuver to get at the meat of a subject and Jesse Ventura is an artist when it comes right down to getting the facts and getting the truth out there.

  4. Stan Sikorski says:

    Why can’t men like Jesse Ventura run for President? Oh yeah, because the jewed system won’t allow it. Just ask Ron Paul.

  5. GJS says:

    I do think Jesses heart is in the right place & one would be a fool to question his patriotism, it truly is hightime that people dropped this ridiculous lifelong support they give to one of the 2 main parties, it makes NO sense whatsoever & is indeed the very reason the western world is in such a grave & desparate situation. People & parties have to be rewarded or punished for how they run things NOT treated like a rock n roll star & put on pedestals, it’s bizaar behaviour bordering on mania & heading towards insanity !
    Wake up people, this is as serious as it gets.

  6. Voting Is A Choice Between A Pink Dildo & A Purple Dildo.

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