Video: Car Dealership in Las Vegas Becomes Unmarked Military Base


A car dealership in Las Vegas has been transformed into a military base that seems to fully stocked with combat vehicles

JG Vibes

Suspicious military bases and installments are popping up all over the country and are being discovered at an alarming rate.  The increase in local military bases could be a sign of potential military action or even a plan for martial law.  The most recent base was discovered in Nevada.

Video Car Dealership in Las Vegas Becomes Unmarked Military Base

According to a Russian news source:

A stockpile of military vehicles were recently discovered occupying a secluded commercial property on the outskirts of Las Vegas at the address of 5750 Sky Pointe Dr.

It doesn’t seem as if the Humvees and other military-grade vehicles are for sale, even though they are stationed at a former car dealership that has been stripped of its business logo and signs.  It would appear as if the equipment is deliberately being hidden from the public on this secluded property surrounded by barbed-wire fences.

The front of the building, which can be seen while driving north on US Highway 95 while departing from Vegas, or from the upscale Painted Desert Mall on the other side of the freeway, is littered with pedestrian vehicles.  After closer investigation, it was clear that the former United Dodge dealership is some sort of military station, judging from the soldiers on the property all dressed and outfitted in army fatigues. However, there is no clear indication or signage posted certifying that it is a United States military base.

This news comes just days after we reported on a mock American town which even contains dummy citizens for domestic training purposes.  Military organizations are using towns like this to train for combat situations in modern American towns, and it has even been admitted that these are training operations for “crowd control” in the event of civil unrest.

As we also noted in our report this week, Another article by points out how urban warfare drills are being conducted now in major cities such as Chicago and others reading, “In the late evening hours of July 22, several Blackhawk helicopters flew low over central areas of the city of Chicago without any lights, startling a number of residents who were not aware of the scheduled military helicopter training exercises.”

Meanwhile, the police state has continued to grow in size and intensity as the military begins to train for battle within its own borders.



J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter for Intellihub

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  1. close to the edge says:

    Hey 88, for 6 mths moving in,securing the area w/ barbed wire fencing. No doubt well covered by eyes.With soldiers in camo working/ preparing to be called up,just waiting for the rest of the areas to be setup around the country.And no, you’ll never hear any of this till Beck, Drudge or Infowars,etc,but msnBS,cnn,kaka never a whisper.And where’s FOX?When i caught a vid’ last March from Cal.,a 61/2 mins long of a train going west. Each car had 3 MRAPS on, along w/sevice trucks and turrets w/ large gun. I counted @80 cars and lost track and there was 4 1/2 mins’ left of this one run vid’ Everywhere across our USA something is coming down fast n soon. And with this Pres and Admin/minons, traitors all, the war against our Consttution and Rights, the Oath each take to protect it with their very lives,liberties,not this BS++ candy-asses in both Houses. A few have balls and some fight for the truth of the Rule of the Land! This ain’t good and seems soon at the comfort of doing all for people to see.Baaaa,Baaaaa…………………….

  2. kevin88 says:

    No investigative reporting on this at all? It took me 5 minute to learn that the Dodge dealership went bankrupt and that this is now listed as the US Army Reserve Command.

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