VIDEO: Cop Shoots & Kills Service Dog During Child’s Birthday Party


Kristin Tate

A 9-year-old Idaho boy did not expect to lose his family pet while he was celebrating his birthday at his family’s home — but that’s just what happened.

On Saturday at around 5:30 PM, Officer Tarek Hassani of he Filer Police Department shot and killed a service dog that belonged to the boy’s father.

VIDEO Cop Shoots & Kills Service Dog During Child’s Birthday Party

Hassani showed up on the scene after receiving a complaint of a dogs on the loose. As he walked towards the family home, barking dogs approached him — Hassani kicked at the dogs and pointed his gun at them. He then shot the black lab named “Hooch.”

Watch the moments leading up to the incident (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE):

Rick Clubb, the dog’s owner, claims the shooting happened right outside of his son’s window during the boy’s birthday party.

Clubb suffers from Parkinson’s disease — Hooch was his service dog. He said, “He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog.”

But the Filer Police Department claim the dog was being aggressive and that Hassani was justified when he pulled the trigger.

After Hooch was shot dead, Clubb was written a ticket for allowing his dog to run freely without a leash.

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  1. Hugh Mann says:

    Someone called the police reporting dogs on the loose. When you have two or more dogs together, they start to form a pack mentality (kinda like humans). The video does show the dogs being aggressive and the idiot cop kicking at one of them. Not smart! IMO, had the cop ignored the animals, and kept walking to the front door, we wouldn’t be reading this.

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