Video: Insider Confirms Suspicions About the Elite’s Plans


Project Avalon

MUST SEE! Absolutely fascinating interview with an insider who reveals the elite’s plans and motive for culling the population, the laughable misdirection of the alternative media, the very serious manner by which mega-food companies control all the food, the fact that we must view space more as an ocean with living creatures, the incredible technology possessed by the underground elite, the absolute confirmation that extraterrestrials indeed exist, and the idea of time being a silly mind construct.


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4 Responses

  1. These two eugenically minded sods should do their sums .. If all capital complicity for 911 for instance, taking into consideration the newscasters men and woman who perpetuate the official BS that Osama bin Laden did it, without taking missile strikes at the WTC and the Pentagon into consideration.

    Then if we prosecute the abortion lobby under the capital strictures of Islamic Law, and take care of the euthanasia specialists under similar auspices, as well as war criminals that daily breach the peace in occupied Palestine for instance.

    The end result could be somewhat similar to what they have in mind, ‘course the dude with his back to the camera will come in for special attention, and if the “special jobs” he does include murder he will be hanged forthwith – after a fair trial duly convened under existing UK Law that is!

  2. mmg says:

    Metaphoric much?
    There is no “absolute” confirmation in anything he said.
    Anyone with a little bit of time in conspiracy and alternative sources could stitch
    this kind of an interview.

    Oh I forgot, time is of no importance.It just a man made frame.
    It was fun to listen though.Thanks.

  3. John says:

    What a joke! This guy know nothing! I can’t believe you actually put this video online. I mean your site has some good info on it and I read here offten but this is stupid!

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