Video: Police Beat The Hell Out Of Restrained Man Crying I Quit, I Quit, I Quit



Anaheim police are unknowingly videotaped committing shocking police brutality choking and beating a man repeatedly as he screams I quit.

The drunk man in the video initially resisted arrest and was taken down the police.

But after he was restrained the police are seen choking the man and taking turnings socking the man in the face repeatedly over several minutes as he screams I quit, I quit, I quit.

Pretty intense. Police brutality? Well, duh… but you can rest assured nothing will happen to the officers in this video.


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  1. Chaos says:

    Not Surprising to see this in a Police State run by a Foreign Communist Dictator. “To Protect and Serve” has become “to Beat and Torture”. Fullerton , CA. Pigs did the same thing to Kelly Thomas, except they beat him to death. When they come for you , lock and load with Armor Piercing rounds in your Rifle. Their shitty Level 3 Vests won’t stop a Steel Core projectile or most Rifle Cartridges for that matter.

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