Video: “We Were Told To Lie” – Bank Of America Employees


I have good acquaintance who posted this above video. Goes into detail on how BoA employees were told to lie. LOL!!! No wonder there are so many squatters.

We Were Told To Lie” – Bank Of America Employees


This is him here below…


BoA forcloses on whoever they want regardless if the house is owned or the mortgage is through another bank!

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    And yet the US Government has ruled that criminal banking will not be held criminally accountable (go to jail) because that would adversely effect the economy. So crime is OK as long as you do not get caught and if you do get caught, expect to pay but still you will not go to jail. However you can sue the Employees. So do it.

    When it comes to not accepting cash the video is best to cover your as$.
    This happened to me I did not have a camera. I was flabbeghasted that the local Berkeley County tax office would not accept cash. They needed a money order. Apparently employees were stealing and I was penalized for a theft problem within their own organization. I was surprised that my daughter’s Apartment Complex would not accept cash for her monthly payment. Brandywine apartments.

    Of course these events took place years ago and it still happens.

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