Wake up America ! – Dr. John Coleman ( Illuminati , Committee 300 )


Dr. John Coleman , being a historian in the intelligence community , sought full extent of sinister forces behind the movement of the New World Order .


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  1. Truth Lover says:

    Was not Douglas Macarthur a 33 degree freemason?

  2. probably,maybe, possibly

  3. wake up humanity!

  4. He hits the nail on the head.

  5. +Anthony Sawyer So what happens to these people did they just decide that they weren't playing anymore and went away,oh that's right they died off and were never replaced, man your so nieve.

  6. Greg Hallett explains in the books THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND how the Rothschilds overtook the British Monarchy, and many European Monarchies, by breeding

  7. Pilgrim33 says:

    OMG how many commercials do we have to endure? I saw the yellow dots and knew this was a monopolized Jesuit / Zionist video.

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