Warcraft 3 – World War 3 ( multiplayer )


This is a great game!


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  1. hey what is the name of that game that has as icon a wich? cuz i dont remember its like this game

  2. Boka YT says:

    this is awesome!

  3. Where can I play this map?

  4. Где можно сыграть на этой карте?

  5. VannMiguel15 says:

    trololololol theres no phillipines im a filipino and we are saved :D

  6. hey dude your a filipino right Laro tayo nito 😀

  7. good map to is and Lords of Europe 

  8. Shavre6562 says:

    maby map name? or link to make me host, epicwar,hiveworkshop??

  9. Damian Carlo says:

    Omg soo many memooriess

  10. RADIO GAMING says:

    can you teach me why there are so many infantries

  11. does anyone know any more servers that ww3 still runs on ? can never find a game since tAr went down :(

  12. why are there no more world war 3 servers?

  13. Rade_Games says:

    what's the map ??!?? download pls

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