Wells Fargo Now Charging $5.00 For Deposits

Steve Quayle

Mr Quayle, Monday, 1/13/14, I got a notice from my bank, Wells Fargo.  It was a notice (see copy below) to inform me of changes with my checking & savings accts with them.  Ive attached 2 pic of the letter so you can see. It reads: “Effective April 7, 2014, the fee for deposited U.S. or foreign currency denominated international items, including drafts, will be $5.00 per item.”


Wells Fargo Now Charging $5.00 For Deposits

I called their 800-869-3557 texas call center to make sure I wasnt seeing things and the customer service rep Adelina informed me that whenever I will make a deposit of my paycheck or anything.. I will be charged $5.00.

This was a fear back in Nov I see, but now we can add it to one more fear come true.  I closed my account.  I cant afford to be charged to deposit money.  Guess I’ll be doing my banking at Amscott?  I am a single woman working at temp jobs when they come & living with my newly “retired” mother who was laid off her job as well.  Thanks to the grace of God we have what we need in these times though.  Thanks for keeping us all up to date and God bless you & yours.

Jennifer in Florida

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Time to join Credit Unions.

  2. Dr. William Richard Pabst Cathey says:

    The uninformed sheep will not remember about Cyprus: But the informed should be ready for the next surprise already planned which is a 30-50 % tax on your bank balance, and your retirement accounts.

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