What Countries Are Currently At War? A Complete List


Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, and Iraq are not the only groups currently at war. Serious armed conflicts are happening all over the world – we just don’t hear about …


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  1. 2016 update: all countries are in war.

  2. KF Panda says:

    I know it's a sad topic, but I got bored and she could not keep my interest.

  3. jay miller says:

    I watch thus channels vids and u got to say they're pretty ignorant.

  4. drybn20 says:

    You forgot Korea~ Technically South and North Korea are still at war, just currently at a standstill. Though their situation doesn't fit the criteria you chose for war. There's is declared though.

  5. Channel 786 says:

    correct your information, talibans from Pakistan have been thrown back to Afghanistan in these two years and the country is very close to achieve its goal of bringing peace. By the way you should made a video that who is really responsible for all the wars going on, I know you are not gonna make one.

  6. The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been going on since about 1994, once each country broke off from the USSR. Armenia took back the land that was transferred to that evil "turkified" country.
    It was transfered to Azerbaijan to piss off armenians long ago bu Stalin or some other jack ass.

  7. Derp master says:

    WWII never ended Russia and Japan never signed a peace treaty

  8. This women's vocal fry is pissing me off.

  9. Pakistan army is succes in opration.

  10. there is a war in yemen and I'm going there now matter what evan if I dye I don't care I just want to save my cuntry and have good times when I was there.

  11. Gil Ben Yah says:

    if the definition of war you gave really defines war… there is a 1400year old war against non-muslims at works

  12. ShaqirVlogs says:

    Somalia should be on here

  13. Israel and Palestine is not a conflict nor a war, it is a genocide similar to the one Hitler has casted upon the Jews long ago. Palestinians are suffering form lack of water and electricity, and children are being kidnapped by Israeli soldiers. Stop calling it a war if it is clear that one side is obviously more dominant and receives more aid internationally than the other.

  14. jayo navio says:

    Talk about war in the Philippines. Philippine Govt. Vs. Communist Rebels, Philipine Govt. Vs. MILF, BIFF, MNLF, and the ASG. I need to know, what each Terrorist group are fighting for? The people also need to know, what does the Philippine Govt. are doing to try to stop this group?Thank you

  15. 10 military conflicts worldwide?
    why not consider it world war 3?

  16. Jim Walker says:

    What about Columbia? The war there dates back to 1948 and has over a million dead.

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