What if the Allies Lost World War II?


E ‘ was the greatest war in human history . Hitler led his army against the rest of Europe and beyond. Hirohito invaded neighboring China and all of Southeast …


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  1. DarkLight22 says:


  2. Nazies =/= Germans Muslims =/= Middle easterners.

  3. Italy, Romania, Hungary, Finland and Bulgaria ware not nazi countries, so why did you call it Nazi Europe?

  4. I know exactly what would happen if the allies lost the war..  SLAVERY .  not ultimate slavery but very minimal wage slavery and the beatings and missing persons would continue.

  5. So with Canada, Australia and New Zealand being independent and left largely to ourselves, we would presumably ally ourselves with America in the long term goal of retaking Britain

  6. Ben Price says:

    If hitler won then i think only central, eastern and northern europe would become part of the german empire and not the whole continent. Similarly to how fatherland portrays it the germans would have advanced through poland and russia until they had pushed to the ural mountains thats where hitler would have stopped and south to the Caucus. After that he would have integrated the related germanic countries into his reich like the netherlands sweden etc. and possibly invade finland to enclose the baltic and make it a german lake like what the romans did for the meditteranean. He would have left france and britain imo maybe taken back elsass lorraine but other than that his alliance with italy and the balkan countries aswell as francos government in spain will have kept france from expanding and the buffer states of switzerland and belgium would have helped too. Just my thoughts :)

  7. They Allies won and not only did half of Europe become communist, communism expanded to all corners of the world like a booming franchise for any aspiring totalitarian figure (not much different). USA NEVER liberated Europe, it sided with the USSR in order to have a slice of the pie and secure a market the quickest way possible. The Germans were more advanced and prolific than the Russians and everyone knew it. The very USA owes its atomic bomb and its space program to Nazi scientists. More so, had it not been for Reagan the USSR would still be there today, imposing totalitarianism, and getting American favors and concessions like North Korea and Cuba. Both Nazism and Communism should have been eliminated. Truth be told, given the economically inept nature of communism, it was even more destructive.

  8. actually no. Japan attacked the U.S because of the trade embargo that was placed for their agression they showed back in China as a sign of retaliation and patriotism

  9. Sniper Joe says:

    Then wolfenstein the new order would happen :P

  10. Freshnewz10 says:

    If the axis would have won most of us wouldn't existed.

  11. The Lookwolf says:

    I honestly believe rebellion would start eventually. No power can last forever. The Nazis would have gradually lost balance and fallen apart, just like the Soviet Union.

  12. Phone Guy says:

    Do one about "what if the oil embargo with Japan never happened"

  13. If Germany and Italy won the war then we wouldnt have had the shitty European Union.
    WW2 was part of a plan check out Albert Pikes three world wars.

  14. Alex eZ says:

    "The war will not end as the jewish through it would" -Adolf hitler
    "The winner write history" – churchill
    i wanna anderstand one thing, why when RUSSIA was invading poland too wish nazi germany did first; France and the english set war on GERMANY only? because of the jewish, yeah no shit its clear now no need to hide FBI or OSS xD.
    Let's jump back to our days, why the so called "isis" do not attack israel? as i know most of the arabic hate's israel due to there "unfair" war with palastine; why don't they attack it?!
    even if hitler won the ww2, as much as he kills jewish they will keep going back like a crap bug and make people fight each other.
    My messege to israel; there will be a day, not only you will wish hitler will be back alive; you will wish you never existed to make all of this crap.
    Think about what i said, don't fear me, fear your own actions agaist humanity.
    "You can know a jewish from his nose, if it's ugly as a foot, then kick it"

  15. Couldn't the Nazis invade CANADA And from there, strike the US?

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