What In the World Is This Weird Object On The Moon?

Michael Snyder

What you are about to see is extremely puzzling.  A very curious “mystery object” has been discovered on the Moon by a YouTube user that was using Google Earth.  I didn’t even know that Google had mapped the moon, but apparently they have.  What this individual found was a series of 7 “lights” that are arranged at a nearly perfect 90 degree angle.  Some have suggested that this weird object could be a spaceship or flying craft of some kind.  If it is, it is far larger than anything ever built on Earth.  Others have suggested that this could be the entrance to a base that is manned by either aliens or humans.  And of course there are yet others that believe that the 7 “lights” are just the result of errors caused by the digital zoom.  In the end, this is a mystery that will probably not be solved any time soon.  Unless we send someone up to the moon to take a closer look, there is no way to tell for sure what is going on up there.

What In the World Is This Weird Object On The Moon

The original YouTube video that started this frenzy about the “object on the moon” has been posted below.  Watch it and decide for yourself what you think it is…

If the “triangular anomaly” is really there, it seems logical that there is a decent chance that it was designed by an intelligent being or beings.

After all, you don’t look at a 747 sitting on a runway and think that it just got there by chance.  Well, you might believe such a thing if you buy into the fairy tale of Darwinian evolution, but rational people do not think that way.

So if that “anomaly” truly exists, someone may have put it there.

But who could have done such a thing?

The following is an excerpt from a recent Daily Mail article about this weird object…

Is it part of an alien spaceship nestled under the dust of the moon, or a secret moonbase occupied by humans?

Speculation has exploded over these controversial images which appear to show something unexplained on the surface of the moon.

The triangular anomaly, spotted on Google’s map of the moon, has rows of seven light-like dots along its edge that have been likened to an alien base or spaceship.

It can be found on the Google Moon viewer at coordinates 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E.

Of course the UFO community is full of speculation that “aliens” are the ones responsible for creating this triangular structure.  The following is how Tech and Gadget News described this object…

The gigantic shape actually looks like the leading edge of an immense, triangular space ship, similar to, so far, super secret Stealth aircraft technology, but is much larger than any airplane ever built on Earth.

The regularly spaced, circular promontory shapes which make up the seven points on the perfectly formed triangle wedge seem to be intelligently designed.

To date, no other feature has ever been discovered which matches this shape on the Moon, or any other planet observed by satellite or exploratory rover.

The anomaly is so huge, it’s possible it is some sort of moon base used as a facility for storing and launching alien “UFO” spacecraft.

But, if this highly irregular feature of the moonscape is proven to be engineered by intelligent minds, is it possible it could be some kind of secret area built by humans?

What makes all of this even more intriguing is that the exact same YouTube user that made this video says that there is a very similar structure under the ice in Antarctica.  You can find that video right here.

But before you get too excited, there is always the possibility that this could just be a giant hoax.  Just consider what one expert recently told the Huffington Post about this anomaly…

“Basically it’s similar to the thing you get in all those ‘UFO videos’ you see these days from people with digital cameras – when they use digital zoom too much, you get ‘artifacts’ as the missing data is recreated using an algorithm which create regular shapes simply because of the nature of digital.”

So what is the truth?

In this case, I have absolutely no idea.  This could be an absolutely mind blowing discovery or it could be absolutely nothing.  As I mentioned above, to find out more we would really need to send someone up to the surface of the moon to investigate, but that is not likely to happen for a very, very long time.

And of course others have been claiming that there are even greater “anomalies” on the dark side of the moon for years.  Just check out this article, this article, this article and this article.

I don’t really know what to say about any of this.  I just thought that it was interesting.

So what do you think?

8 Responses

  1. Elaine says:

    Go to You Tube: “Apollo 18”. The full movie is there as well as a clip.
    This is the reason no one goes back to the moon.

  2. gary says:

    looks like the lights for a baseball park.

  3. doesntmatter says:

    yea, only God knows what the heck is possibly on the freakin moon feeble humans… now shut up, sit down, and deal with it!!! sheesh, smh.

    but my question is, WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THESE DAMNED MINI VIDEOS that play as soon as the page loads o_O?? and why do I have to keep recovering a page???? just when I thought it was safe to frequent here again, you smack me with the same irritations as the other lame websites…very disappointed.

  4. Graham says:

    I can’t find anything at those co-ordinates, have they photoshopped it out?

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    We are the Borg. resistance is mostly futile, after we get this damned thing unstuck.

  6. GJS says:

    Out of an atmosphere there is NO need for aerodynamic shapes but I suppose it could be like the shuttles where the wings etc were only needed for exit & re-entry of the atmosphere.

    I have no idea if its real or not but obviously there have been far too many credible sightings by credible people to still pretend we are the one & only in the universe or multiverse. God help the place if we were the pinnacle life forms.

    I just hope they are friendly & if/when they want us to know them there isn’t some gun happy politician wants to blow them up. I think if they were hostile we would know by now OR maybe there are different species with different objectives & the outcome will be eventually known to us all too clearly.

    They may also be here just for a look at our progress or lack of personal development, one would NOT blame them if they were nervous at the thoughts of us reaching the stage we could visit them, I’d be nervous also as it’s obvious we don’t have the wisdom for the weapons we now have let alone the ones we don’t know about & future ones.

    We, as a species have a lot of growing up to do before we even think about real space explorations & what we will indeed encounter out there.

  7. charlesallan says:

    It cant be apollo debris since no one has been on the moon

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