What’s In Taco Bell Meat?


Taco Bell has published a helpful guide regarding the nature of its taco filler, which it says consist of 88% “Premium Beef” combined with 12% “Signature Recipe …


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  1. thealize808 says:

    Chinese food uses a lot of cornstarch in sauces, dumplings, things fried. Used as a "food glue " so to say. A sauce/gravy thickener. 

  2. Seasonings and flavorings are used in Taco Bell to make cheap beef taste better; they are a business and the bottom line is the ultimate goal.

  3. Taco Bell ( Punish your toilet )

  4. Jorge Padua says:

    Literally everything has chemicals, Ana.

  5. Retroman says:

    I prefer Taco Johns

  6. Retroman says:

    I prefer Taco Johns

  7. thefallout25 says:

    Ana is such a bitch.

  8. bIueprint says:

    holy shit stop laughing bitch sound like a fuckin goat

  9. goaliedude32 says:

    SSSHHhhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone, just let us have this.

  10. Sodiumphosphate is soluble in water: sodium and phosphate ions present on our body, the salt can actually be harmful when consumed in higher concentrations
    Maltodextrin is a mixture of condensed maltose and d-glucose, rather harmless

    Skittles contain titanium dioxide, that is rather scary.

  11. taco bell makes people vomit or diarrhea. that's why people shouldn't eat it. the food is bad quality

  12. blueboyblue says:

    What people want is for Taco Bell to flat out say they DO NOT use Beef Bi-Products or Pink Slime in their Tacos. If they made that declaration, no one would care about all the other ingredients.

    People have been pushing Taco Bell, ever since Pink Slime came to the forefront of public knowledge. If they simply said – No Beef Bi-Products and No Pink Slime, that's all it would take for people to be satisfied. Them not saying it after having been repeatedly pushed on the issue, implies that some type of Beef Bi-Products are used.

  13. The truth is, taco Bell pays me to grow that shit on my chest. POW!

  14. The Dude says:

    this is ignant

  15. Clearly Ana has never given a BJ.

  16. Jeff Lubin says:

    why wear a tie lol

  17. that chick is pretty ignorant and obnoxious

  18. Lord Walker says:

    Never ate there, never will.

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