Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?


Dr. Eowyn

I got an email this morning from FOTM reader Dave McMullen, asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Wikipedia says “Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (known as Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.“

So I did a Google Image search for Obama’s daughters. I couldn’t find any baby pics of Malia or Sasha; neither could Dave.

The youngest-looking pic of the girls I found (see below) was in an article extolling Michelle Obama, dated August 20, 2007, on the website Afrobella. The pic is undated. If we go by the date of the Afrobella article, Malia would be 9 years old and Sasha would be 6 years old.

Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records

In contrast, Dave found a website with a pic of Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, holding their two-month-old twins, Jenna and Barbara.

Laura Bush with babies

I have seen pics of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, like this one below, but none of Michelle pregnant with child.


Then I went on the website Ancestry.com, and searched for birth records of Malia Obama, b. 1998, and Natasha Obama, b. 2001. These are the results:

Malia Obama 3

Natasha Obama3

In other words, Ancestry.com has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama.

Then I paid $9.95 for a trial membership in GenealogyBank.com so that I can search that website for the Obama girls’ birth records.

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Malia Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Malia Obama1

As you can see above, the only thing genealogybank.com has in its newspaper archives on Malia Obama is an article by Sen. Obama titled “Progress on campaign finance reform,” in the Chicago newspaper Hyde Park Herald of August 26, 1998, in which Obama (presumably) mentioned Malia. Here’s the newspaper clip (the words are rather blurry):

Malia Obama2

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Natasha Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama1

The only thing genealogybank.com has on Natasha Obama is an article in Hyde Park Herald of  July 4, 2001, again by Sen. Obama titled “Tallying wins and losses in Springfield Springfield report,” in which he wrote “The newest addition to the Obama family — Natasha — was born on June 10th, and Michelle and I have been busy changing diapers.” Click image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama2

In other words, I couldn’t find any birth records of either Malia Obama or Natasha Obama on either ancestry.com or genealogybank.com.

The same Wikipedia entry I had referenced at the beginning of this post states that Malia and Natasha Obama were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source of that assertion is an article of Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” in The New York Times of December 13, 2008. The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (now Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.

O's Chicago friends - Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Eric Whitakerl to r: Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, BHO, Dr. Eric Whitaker

Alas, the NYT article does NOT say that Dr. Blanchard had delivered Obama’s daughters. Instead, what the article says is “Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children [of Obama and his closest friends in Chicago], and the adults became their godparents.”

If anyone can find baby pictures and birth records of Malia Obama and/or Natasha Obama, please let me know!

H/t FOTM’s Dave McMullen

UPDATE (Nov. 29):

Reader scannersliveinvain found this pic of Barack and Michelle with an infant Malia (Source). I’m no photoshop expert, but the figures of Mooch and Barry look too sharply delineated from the background.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama

Reader Sao Ken found this pic of baby Sasha with her 3-years older sister Malia (source: globalgrind.com):

baby Sasha Obama

UPDATE (Dec.1):

Here’s another pic of young Malia and Sasha (source). Whose hairy arm is that behind the girls? (h/t FOTM reader JS):



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  1. mrunpc says:

    I’ve used Photoshop for years and there’s no doubt in my mind that the pic of them with the baby stroller is Photoshopped. The shadows on the ground are just one example, especially below “michelle/michael”.

  2. ticktock says:

    This pres. is a total manchurian candidate. Everything about him proported to the American public and the world, is fake! This shows the most arrogance for the citizens of this nation that our House of Representatives, the Congress and the top echelon of the W.H. has been taken over by the tribal snakes and they can put whomever they wish in that position as a farce and the public swallows it, hook, line and sinker. There is nothing we can do about it. All the politicians (or almost all) or totally controlled, thru blackmail, threats or just payments to go along with the Communist agenda for the WORLD!

  3. Little Bright Feather says:

    Notice the wording – you never hear anyone say that Michelle gave birth, or see any paper announcenmnts of a birth, – it’s worded as the child is “latest addition” and as far as the pic of the girls go, they do to look like the same girls AND they could be adoption pics for all we know. A Pic of the mother is always taken with her newborn baby coming home from the hospital – but there are NO pics of them as babies WITH the Obama’s. AS for the “wedding” – it’s been admitted it was an “arranged union” and a real ‘wedding’ never happened. It’s also been shown that Michelle is not female, but a TV. Let’s face it- when DC nees kids they just take them – snatch them – kidnap them – whatever you want to call it. The girls do not look ralated to each other. And neither look related to either “parent”. Obama has not bee na”fatgher”to them – he hardly ever sees them. They do NOT go on “family” vacations – everyone takes their own vacation. They do not do ANYTHING as a FAMILY ! They all are so dysfunctional, and dis-connected. The perfect example of a FAKE “put together” created Family !

  4. ticktock says:

    Every picture looks like it was photoshopped except the one with Jarret!

  5. Graham says:

    Search for ‘Murdoch Threat To Expose Obama As “Christ-Child” Ignites Western Fury’.
    It IS by Sorcha Faal, but the best disinfo is 50% true and 50% false, there could be something in this ‘story’.
    Most things are back to front with these ‘elite’, maybe they are the good guys?

  6. Oz's says:

    He (obama) is a fiction, a Rothschild entity
    By the way…fuck you NSA whom are listening…

    In case you missed me…bomb, bomb, nucleur, nucleur, biological etc.

    In Sourthern Africa, come try get me and my folks, you will get a hiding.
    If you didn’t hear first time…fuck you NSA.

    Peace the rest of you.

  7. mo sheik says:

    strange, looks and sounds very fishy!!!!!

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