WHO IS AKASAN? MEETUP WARMUP EVENT at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles


Before the official first ever meet and greet took place for the “red dreaded” one. Akasan graced the early arrivals for a bit of a background history on who exactly …


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  1. Notification Squad (no, not Suicide Squad. Fuck that garbage movie)

  2. El Jabu says:

    Bangkok is in Thailand fam

  3. CAMania says:

    so depressing

  4. CAMania says:

    22nd century?

  5. JasonIsLost says:

    Literally just found out Dante is the dude in all the ads. Amazing.

  6. Tom Alford says:

    Would you ever consider coming to the UK at the some point and set up meet and greet for your fans in the Uk?

  7. Solly Kesten says:

    haha he has no idea where Bangkok is

  8. Soufian A says:

    are you coming to any other countries to have M&G's ??!

  9. why japan in the first place

  10. I want to do the same thing but with Germany so to speak

  11. Man I wish I was there! Hopefully me day you will come to San Francisco, any chance that would
    Ever happen?? Haha

  12. zaandarbrow says:

    I can see Akasan Doing Stand Up just talking about his life story! :)

  13. Max _ says:

    Hey akasan, do you really plan to spend the rest of your life in Japan? That was an interesting comment you made and I was just curious.

  14. what is that song called from the intro ?

  15. Akasan you are really good at public speaking !

  16. Jr Altamira says:

    I would have soooo gone to your meet up if I had known… Sucks.

  17. Nay says:

    This video makes me uncomfortable…

  18. Che_Borz says:

    8:00. That nigga talking about himself like he is Batman hahahaha

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