Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: ‘Nobody Did’

Barbara Boland | cnsnews

When asked whether he read the 1,528-page,  $1.1 trillion government spending bill before he voted for it yesterday, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) said, “Nobody did!”

On Capitol Hill on Thursday, CNSNews.com asked Blumenauer: “The omnibus bill yesterday, it was 1,582 pages, did you have a chance to read all the pages before voting on it?”

Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill Congressman 'Nobody Did'

Blumenauer laughed and said: “Nobody did!”

“Nobody did?” said the CNSNews.com reporter.

“Nope,” said Blumenauer.

In an e-mail to CNSNews.com, Blumenauer’s communications director, Patrick Malone, said: “A reminder that the Republicans complained and complained about not having time to read bills when the Dems were in charge and then keep dropping bombs like this on us.”

The $1.1 trillion bill will fund the federal government for the rest of fiscal year 2014, which ends on Sept. 30, 2014.

Sixty-four Republicans and three Democrats voted against the legislation. The final vote was 359-67. The legislation was opposed by conservative groups and conservative members of Congress.

The bill increases federal spending by $44.8 billion this year over the spending level previously set by Congress.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I gave 22 years of my life 24/7 responsible to the Congress, the PEOPLE, and the President I receive 50% of my base pay. The congress works one day and gets 100%. They do not read bills and just pass them and they get paid. They are exempt from prosecution and get paid and do not read bills just pass them.

    What are WE paying for? WTF? THEY ARE DESTROYING THE COUNTRY and getting paid for it.

    May 14th!

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