Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Writers Spin Government Propaganda

Bernie Suarez

The magazine headline reads “Conspiracies”, below that it reads “Mysteries, Secrets & Lies” and farther down in the middle of the front page is a picture of papers being shredded. Even lower, smack in the middle of the front page reads “Confidential”. I couldn’t resist, so I purchased the magazine a few weeks ago which was sitting on a shelf in a large grocery store.

Who You Gonna Call Ghost Writers Spin Government Propaganda

I could see that the magazine covered most of the recent major government false flags, historic high crimes, scandals, and high profile government secrets all piled into one magazine mostly for the sake of entertainment. Actually, I would venture to suggest that the purpose of the “Conspiracies” magazine is to fictionalize government crimes and agendas, so they appear as tales of wild (unrealistic) conspiracies in the minds of those that are not awakened. Those who are asleep in the matrix of government lies will predictably and comfortably fall for such pile of what they consider entertainment that endorses how you already think. I don’t imagine anyone who is truly and sincerely looking for the truth will rely on this ‘Conspiracies’ magazine for verifiable facts and accurate historical accounts of things that have happened. That would lead one to conclude with reasonable assurance that the magazine I had just acquired was written and designed with other more sinister purposes like maintaining public mass deception. I was thinking CIA all the way.

As I read one topic after another I noticed the writer, Mr. J Lee Marks trashes truth seekers, reiterates government lies, ignores known evidence and a lot more. Marks even adds new stories to the government “conspiracies” list like the death of Michael Hastings. Someone decided in June of 2013 that if you question the LAPD’s version of the odd car crash which they worked so hard to cover up, then you are a “conspiracy” theorist. This is Orwell’s 1984 in full motion. Author Marks must know something about brand new Mercedes automobiles that even Mercedes doesn’t know. Cars don’t catch fire, explode, and suddenly speed out of control on their own, and brand new Mercedes engines don’t disconnect and fly through the hood of a car and land 150+ feet away due to an impact with a tree in situations where just over 24 hours prior the person in the car was emailing about threats from FBI.

Other new topics that fell under the J Lee Marks “Conspiracies” magazine list were the NSA exposed spying. But, I thought to myself, if something is known, then how can it be a conspiracy? Oh wait, “conspiracy” is defined by when a group or two or more working together to do something evil, unlawful or treacherous in secret. I then realized, this definition fit in this (NSA) case. I thought, maybe Marks is not all bad. Marks admits that NSA spying is real, stating at one point “In June 2013, Americans were shocked to learn what conspiracy theorists had long suspected. Our government is spying on us.” – Not bad, I thought. Then a few paragraphs later Marks delivers a sneaky blow to defenders of freedom by defending government mass surveillance and the NSA in particular: “As more and more would-be-terrorists turn to the Internet to spread their hateful message, it is important to keep a watchful eye on them.”

Marks glosses over admitted and observed chemtrails spraying programs stating:

Most people who see trails of airplane exhaust in the sky don’t think twice. Yet others believe these contrails (condensation trails) contain harmful chemicals – Not just normal by-products of engine exhaust but poisonous chemicals that are being dropped, on purpose, onto an unsuspecting American public. The Motive? To curb the world’s population growth. Or experiment with chemical weapons. Or manipulate weather patterns. Or control people’s minds. You name it, and conspiracists have thought up a reason.

Images of an individual with a tinfoil hat is seen on the opposite page. Imagine that — Marks covers global warming, military mind control, HIV, moon landing, Bilderberg meetings (yes these are conspiracies too now), the very concept of the new world order is a conspiracy according to Marks; the existence of Anonymous, The Freemasons, JFK murder, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin and on and on. He even makes room for a section called “Blame the Bankers!” There you go, so now if you even think of blaming the bankers for the economy being tanked, the poor being swindled, or you acknowledge what they do, then you are a “conspiracy theorist.”

Marks leaves no government crime unturned. He dedicates a full four pages for regurgitation of the 9/11 official story, thoroughly bashing what he calls “Truthers”, defying even NIST’s and the 9/11 Commission’s very own public statements about their findings. He never once mentions the discovered evidence of unignited nano-thermite compounds found throughout multiple samples of dust by three teams of scientists or that several thousand professional architects and engineers, and tens of thousands of others around that world have signed a petition demanding a new investigation based on the known factual and reproducible evidence. Instead he attacks the character and credibility of scholars like David Ray Griffin, while on the same page ironically glorifying “Conspiracy Debunker” James Randi.

Okay, so I knew a magazine like this would be surefire government lies and propaganda to keep the control system in place. This is how they do it after all right? Propaganda, mind-control, mass mind manipulation with use of media and advertising. A truth seeker like myself should expect this, so what’s the big deal? Here’s where it gets weirder.

After reading through and browsing much of the magazine I thought I’d confront the writer. He was listed as J Lee Marks, the man credited with writing the entire magazine. Apparently he writes the stories, and a multitude of companies working together publish and/or distribute the magazine. This is where things get confusing. ‘22 Mediaworks’ is listed as the company that J Lee Marks works for … only he cannot be reached at all. The only contact listed is for president Lary Rosenblatt. After several attempts requesting that Mr. Rosenblatt put me in contact with his writer I was not granted any communication with the writer. Instead Mr. Rosenblatt finally offered the following:

“I am sorry but I heard back from the writer. He is reclusive and does not respond to interview requests.”

Then later …

“Mr Marks does exist. Just as it is your right to question him, it is his right not to want to be interviewed.”

It’s been about a month now and Mr. Rosenblatt thus far refuses to answer specific questions about Mr. Marks or provide any form of contact or additional information about who he is, or proving that he is real.

I thought I would find out for myself who Mr. J Lee Marks is; and every form of research turned up nothing. I thought to myself, is this normal? I had asked Mr. Rosenblatt initially for a contact email for his writer and he refused, so I tried asking Mr. Rosenblatt to tell me anything about this writer, like where he is from, or what compelled him to hire Mr. Marks? – But got nothing. I tried setting up an interview with him – nothing. I checked out all the websites and checked every combination of names in online search engines without success. I’m no professional investigator but I finally began to realize this writer is impossible to track because maybe he doesn’t exist, or perhaps he is what is known as a ghost writer.

I then realized, ghost writers are legal, considered fair game, and there is an actual business for this. I found that some people actually promote themselves as ghost writers promising to write articles for you without anyone ever being able to communicate with them or prove that they exist.

Of course, I thought, say hello to J Lee Marks, your friendly CIA-approved ghost writer! This is how you can write libel, slander and trash someone’s enemies while protecting their lies. And if you want to meet his gatekeeper and protector, his name is Mr. Rosenblatt. You can contact Mr. Rosenblatt as per his own magazine at Lary@22MediaWorks.com but don’t get too excited about having any real questions answered. Lary and company, which includes The Media Source (publisher) which is a division of Interlink Media, LLC, and Source Interlink Media, LLC. Sounds confusing? These companies all work together to protect ghost writers like J Lee Marks, giving him protection to write whatever lies and propaganda will push the global government control system agenda forward.

Care to chime in? Want to contact the publishers? Go to www.SourceInterlink.com or contact President Larry Rosenblatt yourself (at the email above) and let him know that you care about the truth and you won’t tolerate individuals who lie to the masses for profit and fictionalize issues that are of highest importance to healing America. Ask Mr. Rosenblatt what does he have against the idea of healing America and truth? Why has he chosen to invest his money on trash like this? Mr. Rosenblatt did initially offer: “…please send me the questions and I will pass them onto the writer…”

Want to take him up? Tell him that you want to know why he is protecting J Lee Marks’ identity and ask what he has to say for himself. Shine the light of public scrutiny on him and any other agents of darkness that look to operate in secret. When individuals work together to protect each other’s identity for the advancement of evil, corruption and control of humanity we need to let them know we will expose them. Help spread the word about not just “Conspiracies” magazine, but more importantly the use of ghost writers to put disinformation into the general public in a protected way.


Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project.

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    Well done Bernie :). I hope mr Rosenblatt gets a million mails, he is a criminal.

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