How did a handful of guys make the world think world war 3 was fucking normal and nothing could stop you ? wtf ! brainwash .


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  1. Dan Scott says:

    Believe, you righteous ones, that the sinners will become a shame and perish in the day of disobedience. Be it known to you, sinners, that El Shaddai is thinking of your
    destruction, And the shamaya malachim will be glad over your devastation. What will you do, you sinners and where will you flee on that day of judgment when you hear the prayer-voice of the righteous?

  2. tommy atkins says:

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Peter White says:

    Put the Royals up against the walls and blow their fucking heads off. ;-)

  5. I been called wierd

  6. Watch this guys.. Peace

  7. ge45ge says:

    enjoy your talks

  8. Robyn hud says:

    This is brilliant,man you are better than bill burr.thanks

  9. Thanks Mark! Your video's are awesome! I'm with ya buddy!

  10. That's right Matt, 'The Elite' have got to answer to someone… they DO torture us psychologically every day! I say they should be ashamed of themselves, all deserve the firing squad! There is plenty we can do. Matt if you ever get funds to go to the Antarctica, I WANT IN… I want to see the ice walls and maybe the other lands, that are probably being lied to also.

  11. No more wars. No more govts. No more fake terrorist attacks. I am awake. I am.

  12. Outrjs says:

    other than forgiveness because we all die, I agree with you 100 percent.

  13. No Nameo says:

    Governments/Corporations are using scare tactics to make the human race think there's nothing We can do. They use illusions of lies on television and the rest of the mainstream media to put of in a fear mode, we are stronger then we think.
    We just have to stop fighting each other because that's what the temporary controllers want… us divided… Have you ever noticed how they divide everyone and everything, they do this to stay in control. Don't believe everything they say.

  14. They did this to U.S with Vietnam , They know it works and they want less Men in each country , I think they could make more Money if they just let the people live and introduce more new products , Chemtrails , yes that's to get everyone Marinated and ready for the Napalm : QC

  15. Lor H says:

    you the best, I with you all the way! :)

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