World Health Organization Decides to Release Research on Super Flu That Could Wipe Out Humanity


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The World Health Organization has decided to release research on a deadly (man made) super flu in a move that shows just how far the WHO may be willing to go to induce some sort of worldwide flu pandemic.

Since the moment that scientists in the Netherlands announced that they had a created a mutated form of the H5N1 flu that could literally destroy humanity, the internet and experts worldwide have debated whether or not we should release the research (a basic how too guide) to the public.

From a conspiracy viewpoint one must realize that the WHO and mad scientists throughout the world have literally worked to depopulate the planet and, in some circles, have laughed about the possibility of this happening.

An article from The New York Times outlined the World Health Organizations supposed reasons for releasing this deadly information:

The announcement, made on Friday by the World Health Organization, follows two months of heated debate about the flu research. The recommendation to publish the work in full came from a meeting of 22 experts in flu and public health from various countries who met on Thursday and Friday in Geneva at the organization’s headquarters to discuss “urgent issues” raised by the research.

Most of the group felt that any theoretical risk of the virus’s being used by terrorists was far outweighed by the “real and present danger” of similar flu viruses in the wild, and by the need to study them and freely share information that could help identify the exact changes that might signal that a virus is developing the ability to cause a pandemic, said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who represented the United States at the meeting.

The natural form of the virus being studied has infected millions of birds, mostly in poor countries in Asia, and although it does not often infect people, it has a high death rate when it does. If the virus were to develop the ability to infect humans more easily, and to spread from person to person — which it almost never does now — it could kill millions of people.

The article goes on to say that the United States was not part of the consensus to release the research when in reality the US government actually funded the initial projects that lead to this super flu being created!

In an article published on January 8th, exposed the fact that even though homeland security officials publicly expressed concern over the release of this research they were in reality part of the reason the research took place in the first place.

The United States government funded the research of the scientists in the Netherlands who created a mutated form of the H5N1 flu that could, if released, literally destroy humanity.

The research and experiments have lead to an intense debate with supporters (mad scientists?) wanting to release the recipe and detractors worried that doing such a thing could lead to the virus being introduced into the population which in turn could end the world as we know it.

Scientists and officials have claimed that the reason they purposely genetically altered the virus to become more contagious is to be able to further research the virus and possibly come up with a way to fight it.

In reality we do not actually know if this virus will ever mutate to the strength that the weaponized version has obtained and the idea that we should actually create the pandemic scenario and put it in the hands of people who want to release it to the public just in case it ever happens seems behind ridiculous and highly suspicious.

We essentially have the US government, mad scientists who enjoy creating deadly flu viruses (to save us from them of course) and the World Health Organization working in tandem to release information that if in the wrong hands could prove disastrous for the entire world.

The Intel Hub

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  1. Tim Temple says:

    Prince Charles of England and his organization always said they wanted a virus that would wipe out 80% of the world’s population. This has never been possible — until now.

    The Christians need to make nano-particle silver to stop biological weapons.
    See patents 20070190174 and 20080181951 for starters.
    The critical element to generating it is “9999 fine round silver wire”. It costs double the going price of silver on the spot market, but it is worth it. The rest can be gotten at Radio shack. This will produce mostly silver ions that are hell on bacteria and viruses.

    Silver nano-particles are even better, in that they survive better and less go a long way.
    See patent 8097228 for how wiping the electrodes and ultrasonics create much more nano-particles than ions. Instead of using plastic wipers and an ultrasonic generator, I am getting the same results with a small aquarium air pump blowing through a small porous rock directly under the cathode wire. That wipes the electrode and generates the ultrasonic sound.
    Here’s my rig:
    Here’s further info on silver:

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