World of Warships OST 128 – The outbreak of world war [short, in game]


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  1. that moment when an old dreadnought fired the first battleship shots for WW2.

  2. Sitri Uvali says:

    Was that it for this one? I loved it.

  3. Wish there was an extended version

  4. Whats the account name? @@

  5. Myl1fe4aiur says:

    best loading track

  6. Sailor says:

    Those sirens always give me the chills.

  7. so you play on NA ah…… i thought on asia XD

  8. 임동현 says:

    This siren always makes me excited

  9. HELLCAT.28 says:

    WoW 81 likes, thank you :D

  10. Booruvcheek says:

    I have finally found it!
    Best loading music.

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