World War 1 seen through Battlefield


Alpha and beta glitches that will probably get fixed as usual. Just a messay parody trailer. As you can see it really catches the horror of WW1. ——- Credits and …


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  1. A Goose says:

    whats up with all the niggers?

  2. LOLLLLLLL man hilarious and glitch it is

  3. WE

  4. Eliaaan says:

    Lol how do you people encounter so many bugs and glitches ?! the only glitch i noticed was the satchels physics they carry when you instantly look at them.

  5. 0:15 wtf? we wuz kaisers n shiet?

  6. Lee W says:

    stuff like this makes games more enjoyable at times. always great for a good laugh

  7. elronman says:

    Nice job editing this.

  8. They didn't NEED drugs back then.

  9. wikygaming says:

    such an art. masterful!

  10. Aa M says:

    Open Beta was fun! I would never hold this against DICE or EA.

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