“You will make a firm truce with the al-Rum until you and they wage a campaign against an enemy that is attacking them. You will be granted victory and great spoils. Then you will alight in a plain surrounded by hills. There, someone among the Christians shall say: ‘The Cross has overcome!’ whereupon someone among the Muslims shall say: ‘Nay, Allah has overcome!’ and shall go and break the cross. The Christians shall kill him, then the Muslims shall take up their arms and the two sides shall fall upon each other. Allah shall grant martyrdom to that group of Muslims. After that the Christians shall say to their leader: ‘We shall relieve you of the Arabs,’ and they shall gather up for the great battle (al-malhama). They shall come to you under eighty flags, each flag gathering 12,000 troops.” [= approx. 1 million]

Narrated with sound chains from Dhu Mikhbar al-Najashi by Abu Dawud, Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban, and al-Hakim who declared it sahih and al-Dhahabi concurred. See Shaykh Shu`ayb Arna’ut’s documentation of this hadith in his edition of Sahih Ibn Hibban (15:101-103 #6708-6709).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    May Allah be with us

  2. Mo Bay says:

    Al-ḥamdu lillāh people are waking up

  3. Abra Kadabra says:

    thanks ken o'keffe, you are my brother in humanity!!! but the dumber lives in hate

  4. Abra Kadabra says:

    still believe that war in syria is sectarian war?
    if you still believe that, then you are the dumber!!!

  5. Itz Huzy says:

    This man is great may allah grant him hidayah & jannah

  6. ma sha allaah the people are waking up!!!

  7. riou tnsi says:

    wow … he said everything!

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