World War 3 America will be destroyed by China and Russia will lead the war with India


World War 3 America will be destroyed by China and France will lead the war with India.World War 3 America vs China , World war 3 will start in 2020, it will be nuclear war said by great Nostradamus. His prophecies were mostly true but his time and dates will defer from it. According to his theory and prediction. USA America will be destroyed by China Arabic countries. Russia will take all of Europe. Most part of Europe will be destroyed by Islamic state countries along with china. France will ask for help from India, And India respond and lends its hand to safeguard France in the world War 3. Nostradamus prophecies .India war on Pakistan with their border and terror dispute will trigger to World War 3. As china comes in aid for Pakistan, USA America will face China in big battle. Islamic states, that Arabic or Gulf countries will join hand China and destroys America and Europe.At that time a democrat will be the President of America. So Hillary Clinton will start the World War 3 and lead America to its destruction. India safe guards many of South east Asian Countries and some African countries in the World 3. It wont be a Big battle as like World war 1 or 2. It will be nuclear war with more destruction and blood. It will be shorter version and much more worse than World war 1 and 2 combined. So thats how World War 3 Starts and Ends. Indians in world war 3 will be big boost for many European countries to help them. This also world war 3 prediction by Nostradamus of 2017 2018 2020. World War 3 America vs Russia .

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