World War 3 and the Beginning of Sorrows – Starts November 20, 2016


God has revealed incredible events that will occur in the heavens, in his Word, merely a year before these events will start to play out. God’s Word is reliable and …


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  1. Marie W says:

    Great video! I just think the seals might be open before the Revelation 12 sign.

  2. thanks for the videos

  3. This is Wonderful, I am so excited to see my Father in Heaven, Thank you for this wonderful encouragement!!! No doubt in my heart, mind or soul this is it we are going home!!!!

  4. J. 777hemi says:

    Thanks Jaco! God Bles you.

  5. Thanks for all the work on this…all this info is spot on. We better get ready for a rocky road ahead in the coming year. I look forward to your next video. Shalom

  6. this is pure awesomeness!!!! I love Ywha and Yeshua… I'm ready! Shalom!

  7. Yeshua Messiah bless you. This video and the others are encouraging and much appreciated. Let's keep our eyes to the heavens and our hearts pointed toward home…

  8. Dee says:

    I just truly believe that the rapture will happen this year on the Feast of Trumpets, martial law will be declared and Obama will remain in office, because of all the confusion due to the rapture the Muslims will see this as their opportunity to attack Israel so the Gog/Magog will occur but because God protects them miraculously they are defeated. On November 20th the Peace treaty will be signed with the Nations and Israel given control of the Temple Mount and will begin to rebuild the Temple. Next year it will be completed and the daily sacrifice will resume and by the 23rd of September the desolation will be set up and as Revelation and Matthew 24 state the Jews will flee into Judea and the mountains thus fulfilling Revelation 12 and the sign in the Heavens. This is just my opinion and what my studies have led me to believe.

  9. Peter A. says:

    What's more likely? A prophecy coming true, or someone causing events to simulate the events of a prophecy? Second option for me.

  10. James Decker says:

    Rosh Hashanna is not the biblical new year. It seems that your video is inferring that it is … the month of Aviv is the new year … when the barley is observed as being in aviv … which would permit the wave offering of the First Fruits following the Passover

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