World War 3 Balance – Britain The Latest NATO Nation To Bolster Baltic States Against Russian Threat


World War 3 Balance – Britain The Latest NATO Nation To Bolster Baltic States Against Russian Threat Before Comment , please connect your tongue to your …


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  1. Haydn Po says:

    It's quite worrying. And why the hell isn't this in the mainstream news?

  2. Pure and utter propaganda. What tripe. Lets keep stacking our forces up along the Russian border and when they start taking precautions to protect their country and people they're the bad guys. Absolute garbage. Do some actual research of your own and don't let these folks suck you in with the dramatic pictures and music.

  3. Good to see we're getting involved ??

  4. John Verbasi says:

    NATO bullshit wakeup idiots

  5. 김환국 says:

    Believe the buddhism china is greatest country russia is win the u. s

  6. Russian's ships going to Syria to fight with terrorists who did behead your citizens in Syria. What threat for u that u talking about? mass media schizophrenia that was payed by the US politics.

  7. all bullshit on both sides

  8. damonstr says:

    Oh no, 4000 troops are stationed in the Baltic states. The world must be ending. /s
    But hey, these idiotic channels have to clickbait somehow, right?

  9. EUROPE can not defeat RUSSIA,, Europe invade by Islam by y next year,, don't worry RUSSIA, no need of unclear missile, bombs, no need this Europe will invade by ISLAM,, by next year, and the white peop l will become a sleeves,

  10. Stupid – there is no Russian threat, it's pure booga booga.

  11. siewkok wong says:

    America is willing to let other countries setup missiles near America? just like America put so many weapons surrounding Russia and China? This means defence only?

  12. More pish. From our western media, NATO trying to circle Russia with missles , Russia fighting Isis. In Syria. We're supplying. The terrorists , but we call them moderate rebels, wtf is going on

  13. Stephen Lamb says:

    once it kicks of nato would wish they kept their nose out of this one. thousands of troops will be bagged up, nether again to see human life. russia is no push over. god bless russia. ps wish we had a man like like putin running our country,

  14. nato is nothing more than a puppet from america and the illuminatie to install the newe world order

  15. reacting to a non exciting threat , Georgia ? and occupying Crimea is defiantly a threat to include placing large mechanized armored units in concentration areas along the Ukraine border and using elements of them against the Ukraine Army .

  16. maurizius27 says:

    Nato war pigs on the march, expanding ever eastward and pushing for a war that they know full well will kill and destroy millions on both sides; a war that is totally unnecessary.

  17. organic bob says:

    Nato is the new world order and traitors to the human race, go get then Russia our real friends.

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