Yes began . World War 3 is finally here . In the midst of the current crisis in Syria , to which the Assad regime controls the Syrian people , forcing them to obey …


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  1. Russia and USA will not go to war with each others. If you think they will, than you dont know politics

  2. Ok, couple of points need to be raised, one, you said and I quote, "a second nuclear war" I wish for you to point to the first, second, Putin is a tool, and Obama is a mug, but neither of them are dumb enough to go to war with one another, third, the Assad regime is cruel, but Putin is not supporting them for no reason, he is getting under our skin, he wants to make us angry,we won't have another world war, especially not a nuclear one, the Middle East is not a strong enough power to be a threat, and the U.S. And Russia are far too well accustomed to the knowledge that if they go to war, it will all be in vain

  3. Wao!!! Is true !!!

  4. JacquesBeard says:

    Read Albert Pikes 3 world wars letter to mazzini.Isis are paid for and trained by the US and Qatar only the other day sas where captured in syria dressed in Isis costume, you need to wake up, the west hate Syria because they have no Rothschild controlled central bank, reject genetically modified food, are anti zionist have no IMF debt oh and the west want him out too build a massive oil pipeline through Syria. We are the enemy and our leaders are satanic scum.

  5. JacquesBeard says:

    If you are interested in the real truth you should watch the UKColumn broadcasts. Learn about how Common Purpose has infiltrated politics also watch Nigtmare at Elm Guesthouse – UK is controlled by paedophiles.

  6. ww3 is going to happen, america will do anything for war. in our country war = big money.

  7. connie ellis says:

    First let me say kudos to this young man who is trying to be interested in what happens in his world.  Most young kids don't bother to lift their heads out of the video games, television sets, cell phones, or computers to see what is going on even in their towns much less the world.  So young man thank you for caring and sharing.  As for calling Americans fags, Kalanluu K, that shows you are not a gentleman at all.  My ancestors (some of them) came from the UK.  Also we are The United States of America.  Not all Americans are from the US.  You have Canada and Mexico in the North American continent.  Then there is South America.   Lumping all people together anywhere and name calling is not only incorrect but stupid. Now here is the real deal:  Putin and Obama are not the string pullers.  Follow the money trail which includes the UK's monarchy.  Don't say there won't be nuclear war between US and Russia …….their might be a minor one.  Remember the powers that be want to depopulate the world and small nukes in populated areas could be their idea of doing just that.  I think most of the leaders are leading us in a downward spiral.  We just have to keep each other informed and be watchful.  God bless everyone.

  8. Yes, World War 3 is around the corner. However, you're misinterpreting the causes… which I can't really blame you for, as the Orwellian Western mainstream media is so full of lies and distortions.

    First of all, it is a well-documented fact that ISIS is funded by the CIA and Mossad. Also, the majority of Syrians actually support Assad as well as the Iraqi and Iranian regimes, who recently established a "joint information center" together with Russia and Syria in an attempt to combat ISIS.

    NATO countries (mostly the US, the UK and Israel) have been preparing for a war against Russia, China and Iran for years. The wars in Syria and Ukraine are NATO proxy wars with the explicit purpose of weakening respectively Iran and Russia.

    Russia's involvement in Syria at the moment is intended to counter NATO aggression in the region and strengthen Iran and Syria. NATO is likely to come up with a phoney excuse to declare war on Russia in the very near future.

    The meanstream media has been preparing you to take the side of the aggressor. Don't buy into that. You're being misled!

  9. Kooll Klarko says:

    This is the first time Russia and US are conducting operations in the same country at the same time, but they are not coordinating with each other and are more or less on opposite sides. There is a possibility that things could go south real quick and a messy proxy war in Syria turns into WWIII

  10. Lisa McHolm says:

    K young man… first Congrats on having your eyes open to the world however it would be wiser to not judge the Russian nation so harshly, what is the major issue going on here? A one world order… Do you want to be ruled by one government over the whole world? Consequences of this could result in one wrong leader who prefers slavery, poverty and so forth. Is it not better to have a country with its own government opposed to one person ruling the world? The United Nations want a One world order and many nations have bowed down to the anglo american regime of democratic debt enslavement… Russia, China, Iran, Syria all believe that every country should choose its own leader, so in effect, the russian president you are judging so harshly is one that is trying to keep the world the way it is now, that being said, you would have a stronger argument if you actually get both sides of the equation and not just one… watch RT news then watch the american news, you are smart it won't take you long to see reality if you are willing to look.

  11. youre watching too much of western media lies. what your heard on tv about whats russia is trying to do its actually whats the west trying to do but using russia as an example. like isis in syria. the usa isral is paying isis to fight in syria.

  12. walter lorne says:

    Love your intro/promo ID ?❗❕⚠ You have a very bright future ahead, perhaps a future. geopolitics/ history professor in the making ⁉❗⁉. The problem will be if Israel decides to attack Iran &/or Syria, Russia would be forced to intervene which is an entirely plausable WW3 scenario, sadly for humanity ❕? Let's all hope and pray that the Israelis do not want to face another holocaust, then they should seriously avoid such reckless action.

  13. Darling before coming out and openly reporting your deeply beliefs, please do your homework first. Thank you.

  14. Young man you really need to get you are facts right…..and you have no clue what you talking about…….++A

  15. Also do travel a bit to russia….to talk to people and by the way i am not russian i am greek cypriot…and we have great experiance of the western support and NATO 🙂 🙂 that was sarcastica actually ++A

  16. Darren Keane says:

    Stupid prick …Putin is loved by Russian people. You brainwashed idiot

  17. the gayest dude I've seen this week. What a faggot!

  18. Aric Lemieux says:

    Ukraine voted to join Russia.

  19. your a wise young man keep up the great work

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