WORLD WAR 3 HAS BEGUN!! Pokemon Jungle VINTAGE PACK Pokemon Pack Opening | USA vs Australia


Today we have an EPIC Vintage Pack Opening! We will be opening a 1999 Pokemon Jungle Booster Pack! This will be a pack battle against Lazy Charizard. Be sure to go check him out and give him some support!

This may become a future series where I will attempt to do pack battles with YouTubers from across the globe trying to battle as many countries as possible!

Lazy Charizards Side:

Lazy Charizards Channel:

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26 Responses

  1. Sin Lai says:

    Lazy charizard pulled a holo lol

  2. #charizardnation lazy charizard gets all the good luck he won with a holo

  3. Sierra Peay says:

    Always love the old school openings ?????

  4. Love the jungle packs!!

  5. Grea way to connect with the community. This was a cool vid man, great job finding the old school sealed.

  6. lazy charizard is the winner #charizardnation

  7. Great pack battle! I think LazyCharizard won, in my opinion.

  8. FlamingWater says:

    Pretty sweet, even if no holos. I'm in New Zealand.

  9. Very cool concept hopefully it works out!

  10. Great cards! oldschool ! You are see my new video with Japan blister?

  11. #charizardnation
    awesome opening, tough luck with no holo though, will check out your other videos for sure

  12. Such a bummer about that pack art. Still. To open Jungle ?

    I'd love to challenge you in the name of the Netherlands…even if I wasn't born here ?

  13. #CharizardNation
    As an American I'm struggling to pick a side I want to win!!

  14. You're in South Florida, that's almost a different country from the rest of the US.. so maybe we could battle? hahahah jk

    Awesome stuff man!

  15. This is going to be a fun series! Nice to see you start with some old school packs 🙂

  16. I love the idea! I can't wait to see all the different channels that battle with you!

  17. sorry bro lazy chardzard got it lol

  18. Unbox God says:

    Nice pulls man!! Do you still have more jungle packs, or gym hero packs? We've got some coming in if you still want to battle!

  19. 716Gaming says:

    ???????????? I love these old school packs from when I was in High School playing! I love the idea of this new series bro!

  20. This was so much fun guys Loved it buddie #CHARIZARDNATION

  21. Tony KGB says:

    Civil War? ha love the series man!

  22. Messy 817 says:

    If only the nation's could actually handle things this way haha

  23. Pokebault says:

    QOTD: Let me know down below what country you are from and if you would like to participate in this possible series!

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