World War 3 is Coming: Obama Pledges to Defend Baltic Allies Against Russia


World War 3 is coming : Obama is committed to defend the Baltic allies against Russia , President Obama reassured Wednesday that the Baltic nations


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  1. Nederlands says:

    Of course WW III is coming, it doesn't matter for the USA or it starts in the Ukraine or Estonia or Syria or close to China.
    They start to make problems all over, Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, Syria, " The Ukraine'', etc, etc.

  2. He's getting so old. Old being our president, and his age. I think we need a new, strong, intelligent man running our country a bit like Putin, instead of a pigeon shitting all over our country blindly.

  3. America Best says:

    Anyone thinks a war defending the Baltic allies doesn't mean war here at home, this time, in the US is crazy. And the attack here on the mainland will be obama excuse to start martial law!

  4. DeepManiac says:

    USA can suck Russias dick

  5. Obama, our hero, you need to give Ukraine the money will achieve four goals, giving the paper, we obtain the country at its disposal, more than half of the amount will remain in our banks as will be spent on the public debt of Ukraine, the balance will remain the same in our banks so as to go the purchase of our arms, and we will supply weapons to kill Russian Russian. No need to capture Russia, it is necessary to deploy troops around her, strangling sanctions incite Europe. Our economy is 20 times more Russian. Russian themselves crawling for the money, we bought all the enterprises of Russia, and the remains of Russian will work for them.

  6. This is what I think. Our international leaders including obama are doing their best to try and clean up what our ancestors did not. Putin had reasons and backing from his country to do what he did and like US, Obama is showing concern. Frankly i believe all parties involved will come to a solution to where war wont break out. And for all you reading this and think Russia and US will fight you are sadly mistaking. And just think, who do you think will be a main target if war breaks out. I can tell you this, both presidents will be safe but yall asses wont when the opposite end decides to bomb the hell put of your cities. Just think on that

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