World War 3 is Coming – Shocking Predictions Coming True


Henry Kissinger said: ” If I can not hear the drums of war You must be deaf .” WW3 3 World War Former US Secretary of State said some things very shocking …


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  1. Donovan Piko says:

    I'm busy taking over the world 😐
    I've already started on distortion fields and gravity wave breakers ( my nickname for them)
    heh, I'm weird, if I do take over, fuck the police.

  2. Evi Dumea says:

    I feel like fear of WWIII will only make it more likely to happen, fear will fuel the match that'll light up a war. I know we shouldn't live blinde to what the goverments though either, but fear is just not good in this situation.

  3. TheAgentdp says:

    You just know that world war 3 is going to be a nuclear war!!! but what if it was fought without nukes???? ARE YOU CRAZY "M.A.D." THE WORLD IS GOING UNDER!!!!! Nukes or no nukes ww3 is going to be devestating to every place on earth

  4. in your fucking dream dummy !!!

  5. Ale Jandro says:

    Pure dick cheese on stick video.

  6. I just can say IT'S A BULLSHIT! If, i mean If an stupid country starts this fuckin ridiculous war, the world will change and i am afraid there will be no more AMERICA to make a new world republic! What the fucking dream is these guys have?! IRAN… Remember this country… You even don't know how is its power, and what form is its power… I just can say next WW will not be as we all know! I just can say starter is a fuckin jerk!
    And now, America should fuck off the middle east and ofcourse its fucking dogs in this region like PUSSY Arab countries and BABY Israel… By the way All i mean ALL of them should say byebye barking in middle east…
    What a Pitty, so many years Iran , Russia and China were silent to see how america wanna pee on itself in this area, now the time is over and uncle sam should get the fuck out of ME.
    I am so sad for son of a itch Israel, waste a lot of money of America to be a good base here but America showed that is not as smart as shows. Long Time Peeing On Its Face… That's all.
    Don't think too much, no war will happen and if happens, there will be no more America and Israel.
    hahahaha i was shocked when i saw Israel will get IRAN, i mean Great great IRAN after this imagined and dreamed WW!!! It seems like Sci-Fi kids stories!!!
    Wake up guys, maybe you are drugged or drunk, anyway you are in dream!!!
    God bless all of us

  7. Henry Kissinger's statement is taken from a satyrical article, he never said that. Another mash up of facts and fiction that contributes to the confusion.

  8. Why when you're showing the European Union, Donegal in Ireland is in white

  9. Man Cover says:

    I hoppe gabe newell become the next president … so he can't declare world war 3

  10. Old Kaka says:

    ww3 for sure is coming.
    but why? religion dumbfuckers!

  11. Best MW3 Advertisement ever!!!

  12. Seby Gaming says:

    EUROPEAN UNION 😀 Im romanian :))

  13. GatMFR says:

    South American Federation? That's Call of Duty Ghosts.

  14. LiddoKiddo says:

    Lol they put one of the Godzilla songs

  15. Lasersyke says:

    I won't die like my grandpa in ww2

  16. Wow look at our world we need help! Every country is against each other! Look at North South Karea, America, Russia, Isis, Ukraine, Israel. The world is soon probably coming to a end and well be the ones who create it if someone doesn't do something! Like with Isis no one is doing anything like back in WW2 and WW1 you saw allies teaming up now its every nation against nation and it will be the fault of our world and cause ww3!

  17. Interesting. Christ said to be prepared. "You will know neither the day nor the time"-yet everyone and his brother "knows" when the "end times" will come! We need only keep ourselves prepared.

  18. I'm guessing Sun Tzu made this video… because that's some high level military knowledge being dropped on all of us.

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