World War 3 Is Coming Sooner Than You Think


rotation media artist succeeds Susan Rice has done it once again . You may remember how Rice said the five traditional media interview shows that the attack in Benghazi …


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  1. Freeze frame at 2:06 — is there anyone with a more DEMONIC look in his EYES than Netanyahu?

  2. Ole Toddster says:

    World War is build as we speak America needs to wake up!

  3. scandalasdog says:

    Wow USA. all that money Iran will get out of this  – IT'S THEIR FUCKING MONEY  you've just blackmailed them for it and walk around like you done them a favor ?

  4. How you know this
    I from Israel and don't now this

  5. Who hired this stupid woman? She looks like a street person. Oh yes! OBAMA who else?
    Netanyahu is used as a vehicle to start WWIII

  6. The most evil and most disgusting terrorist on the planet.

  7. check 02.06 reptillian

  8. PLEASE SHARE ::: I BRING YOU THE SWORD BUT YOU NEED THE FAITH … SO LETS GO!!!! MUST be spiritually prepared to listen to the teacher Jesus , the truth will set you free , help me to share …. for the future ( this in Spanish )
    Cristo es mi luz, mi guía, y mi salvación !!!! thanks for your words …..

  9. Ullysses t.w says:

    Go Iran..Death To America!! Death To Israel !! mua hahaha

  10. Chris Diaz says:

    fuck it "DEATH TO IRAN" we will win
    goat fuckers

  11. them iranians are trying to scare like a lion(yeeling death) but they're weak as fuk.

  12. freak55beat says:

    stop fuckin messin then and get on with it you fuckin twats

  13. WeAreOne says:

    Start prepping if you wish to live.

  14. Mercia says:

    You people will believe any thing scaremongers will put on the net. Iran has never attacked anyone, its nuclear program totally transparent. Unlike Israel its signed the Non nuclear proliferation treaty. Don't let them cloud your mind, these people just want war, don't let them send us to war agin on lies.

  15. remember the sabbath(saturday) to keep it holy .do not be deceived. IT does matter .

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