World War 3 – *Must Watch* Russian Warns United States with Nuclear Armed Jets!! – 2013


World War 3 – * Must Watch * Russia warns US jets armed with nuclear !! – 2013 .


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  1. Russia will always be a Superpower.

  2. this is bull s–t, coming from fox news. There is not a speck of truth coming out of mainstream media. "NOT A SPECK" do you get that? You can not even listen under the surface and get the truth here. IT IS SO FABRICATED FOR THE NEXT FALSE FLAG and that is about it.

  3. ozmecca says:

    Fox News is such a joke, it's fucking priceless! I feel sorry for Americans, i thought the British media was bad!

  4. I geuss you think the russians were the only one's fighting the nazi's. Why didn't Russia win the Cold war? Infact the soviet union collasped as a result. I think its the other way around of the russian thinking themselves as being badass.

  5. kola wole says:

    amerika know that russain are superpower

  6. Well you see obama happend, cant win a war with obama as president

  7. when hitler was alive isreal had not been created you impotent
    little dick rider, it was created afterwards.

  8. People how can you believe in such crap??? Oh God, I am really sorry that media shows Russia like this. It is not a true! It is hard for me to see comments of people who believes in this shit..

  9. darkzler says:

    Maybe, but he has a good point.

  10. Russia does not want this war! and no one thinks about the war between our countries! The 2nd World War is still in our hearts, a lot of my relatives died there and were tortured in concentration camps. We dont want a war again

  11. bobert1223 says:

    Except the fact that if the US, Russia, and China ever went to war against one another, nuclear weapons would almost undoubtedly be used. That basically equates to the end of humanity as we know it. Even if the "rest of humanity" lives on (which it probably will not, if 3 "superpowers" go to war), nation states will probably be a thing of the past. The world will be forced to live as their ancestors; banding together as tribes of marauders/survivalists. It doesnt matter what country youre from

  12. Idiots at Fox. Every one knows if the take us out they go too. We would not have to fire one shot back either. It is called nuclear winter you dumb shits.

  13. 66605 says:

    Russia is responding to US aggression. The USA sees itself as the sole superpower and indispensable nation. It disregards International law and does as it pleases. It helped overthrow the Ukrainian government and install a pro-western stooge. Russia will not cave into commands from DC so it must be punished. Fox News falls for the propaganda time after time.

  14. MysticViper says:

    us = russia 
    both ruled by neo-cons

  15. Chris Martin says:

    Oh my god, this is so stupid. Russia has been doing this since the 50's. This is nothing new. And who the hell knows what was or wasn't in their bomb bays to so say they were in fact ARMED is ridiculous because who knows if it was fact

  16. Jim Pag-a says:

    Ridiculous! Your completely a US warmongering propaganda Machine. No One trust you anyway 

  17. FAUX NEWS as always with their bullshit.. Smfh

  18. The 7 hertz says:

    USA a terrorist state,animals, savages and will be history and wiped out like many other evil empires!

  19. what really i can't feel how to be a youtuber well fock this shit

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