World War 3 : NATO intercepts 4 groups of Russian Nuclear Bombers over Europe (Oct 31, 2014)


SOURCE: News : NATO says Russian jets , bombers circle unusual incidents in Europe …


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  1. Ray Zoshler says:

    WW3 is coming European Genocide end of 2014 thru 2015 May

  2. Russia claims they have but when asked they say nothing. The Danish investigators point to a ground based system due to the large amount of impact damage… The small holes seen on the fuselage penetrating it from the outside… More holes and larger than would be expected than that of an air to air missile. @TupacAmaruShakur

  3. mike x says:

    the ufos will also help protect us.  they can control peoples minds and thoughts. they can stop bad thoughts occuring in peoples minds

  4. wtf why does he mention Finland and Sweden are Neutral.. does he mean we are in a world war already? wtf?

  5. ano nymous says:

    Nous en France c'est pareil que vous,les médias racontent n'importe quoi!! V.Putine essaye d'évité l'affrontement mais sa ne plaît pas à Washington qui veux cette guerre mondiale! Ce sont des menteurs et des manipulateurs!! peace 

  6. Europe could at least threaten to shoot down Russia's war planes. But no, europe remains weak and scared of russia. Russia is testing europe right now, and europe is passing the test of cowardliness. The Uk and Germany should be ashamed of themselves, being the most powerful countries in europe. It's a pussified continent. And it's pathetic to watch. 

  7. so much propaganda "russian invasion","russian anexation". How dare Russia fly its planes in international airspace, only NATO can do that

  8. Is this a wind up – gotta be – have you seen these nuclear bombers – Turpolov turbo props like early B52's – they have dug these out of their friggin museums – like Brit Lancasters being flown into Russian airspace – no that is unfair – Vulcans in the 1960's – a complete joke.You gotta admit Putin's gang have a sense of humour, well I'm laughing.

  9. Shana311 says:

    A worldwar 3 is never good for Europe, because Russia is the very direct neighbour.  Maybe if one Elite stop it's actions, there will be no war.. (just like 2 man that is fighting for something)  I pray for wisdom and peace..

  10. Bill Briggs says:

    World War 3 : NATO intercepts 4 groups of Russian…:

  11. CriticalModz says:

    WW3 here we come

  12. World War 3 : NATO intercepts 4 groups of Russian…:

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