World War 3 | NATO Stands By Ukraine | WW3 Imminent


World War 3 imminent as NATO stands by Ukraine to fight Russia. WW3 could begin this fall as the Ukraine crisis reaches a BREAKING POINT. world war 3, …


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  1. "here comes russia"????

  2. Kale mofo says:

    1:30  lmao nato cant even handle energie, this puppet is a joke
    people want peace..stop all these bs wars for oil and power

  3. Decebal says:

    rasmussen is a joke….

  4. Dempsey is so pretentious and arrogant everywhere he goes … look his way of sitting!
    The eyes of Dempsey looks like Russian

  5. Sony P says:

    Fuck The Russian Terrorist Russia is the European ISIL 

  6. NATO is the future and Russia's only holding us back with their bullshit NATO is where its at

  7. Nato is going on a bad ride if it decides to attack Russia. And the only country that will have something good from this is USA.

  8. Breaking !!!!!!!!!WW3 Alert!!!!!!!
    WW3,,, Start Date,,,News Just In,,,,Next Sunday at 6:37pm

  9. Suck my BALLS NATO////,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Obama Idiot,,,Putin so much more substance,,,Great speaker,,,

  11. Cant stand this we SHIT,,,,Anders,,,

  12. NATO//NAZI Stands by Nazis

  13. LOL… if a WWIII happens…. NATO will get is ass kicked like it never happened before! XD XD it's not nato vs russia….. -_-    it's US(NATO) VS BRICS …. i think people of Amerika will soon know what it is to have the fear of having bomb shell falling on their house! then maybe they will less be prompt to attack other counrties….

  14. You guys dont understand US has weapons that would shut down computer and cause black out without a use of NUKES. US is far to advance.

  15. what are u waiting for then? destroy russia give the world peace. NATO FOREVER

  16. Monkey man says:

    All I see, is a new world of stupidity, revenge and evil who thrive for war, due to corrupt governments putting power and brainwashing you with corruption, which you do not control, nor know anything about. Everything is confidential.
     the governments are controlling you like puppets.
    Their will be a World War 3, but no PEOPLE will win, only corrupt organizations who profit from your death. 
    And what do you do in response? Argue on Youtube like children, fighting over Who has the biggest "army"  "My daddies bigger then yours"
    This war won't be like world war 2, nor 1. That was justice. This is revenge from both sides, similar to Hitler having revenge on the Jews. 
    An old saying, the jews use to sing to Germans was "You may own your house, but we own your street" Look what that led to, a god damn slaughter. I feel sorry for the allies and enemies. why? Because evil organisations (Nazis) Brainwashed their people.
    And what do you expect after world war 3? An end to it? that war is estimated to last 25 years for fuck sake.
    I'm specifically talking about going to war with Russia/China ect.
    This is exactly what the governments want from you, to react with hate in your heart to fuel and fulfill  their evil plans.
    I'm british, and I don't support my government, nor any other, I believe all governments are linked. This is all an act. It's fake. like WWE this is just a big show, it's part of a big plan we know nothing about. Because we are too ignorant and have too much pride to not care. 
    I support peace and love, not hate and death. I do however support killing terrorists. I support justice, not revenge and power. 
     My best friends Russian, our friend is Chinese, and I'm British. We are all good friends, yet our government wants us to kill each other. 

  17. ukraine is nacist country ….

  18. geo tan says:

    Russia is the greatest danger for Europe today. 
    "We have defeated the wrong enemy"-George Patton 1945

  19. ofcourse NATO is gonna stand by ukraine in attempt to take out russia once that happens and with no one to stop it here comes the new world order by the UN :/

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