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  1. @starlitopensky1 – The US's time is up and the country is going down faster than most think. If WWIII breaks out in the next couple of years I believe it will be much worse and more devastating than WWII with the US and her "few" allies getting the brunt of this.

  2. good points, one thing you also have to look at is because of the war false flag attacks are a possibility to start other wars as well, maybe to get other country's involved. I think the only way Canada will is if they hit a border state as well as Mexico but we have problems with them already. i see it going one of two ways either we don't have a nuke war or we do its going to be one deciding factor like the death of arch duke Ferdinand this is going to be an interesting year

  3. I think the starting point, will be when the U.S pulls out of Afganistan and the Taliban
    once again takes over, The Arab world will see this as U.S weakness, and Iran will
    form an alliance with the Taliban, and other groups, supplying arms and forcing other Arab nations to join them. The U.S will be powerless to stop them, because Obama knows it would be political suicide for him to draw us into another prolonged war. Then the Arab alliance will attack Israel.

  4. sayomsskiver says:

    Main participants

    Israel. vs Iran



    Potentially involved parties:
    Pakistan if they are involved India will step in because they have nukes to and p/stan is a neighboring country. But I'd say they'll be against each other.


    North vs South Korea

    North Korea reveals nukes, goes back on the cease fire or something and the US could come in too.

    The Devastation of the middle east will get more countries involved.

  5. Benny Leikam says:

    @ersatonoma aha obviously you know nothing because if you do you would actually realize that Israel and USA are deepest friends so it is with japan too i know WW2 but that was a long time ago they work together now and help each other and before Russia could reach the states all their soldiers would be gone because of the American technology and than the NATO would go in and china would be fucked you have no idea what war is do you?

  6. 3anternet says:

    Iran will try to invade Iraq until they get to Lebanon. Israel will take action with U.S. help. Then will be a strong battle in northern Lebanon. NATO will be assisted by the United States. Of course, NATO allies will be victorious after a tough battle. Of course, there will be significant losses from both sides. Then there will be unrest in Iraq and the Iraqi government will fall. People will assume the reins of power in Iraq. Japan wll liberate from United states. then the biggest war comes.

  7. 3anternet says:

    I think this is the real simulation.

  8. CRAZYTONYJR7 says:

    it start with a shortage of oil so an asian country like russia or china would invade a oil rich nation. n. korea will try to reunite with s. korea. us and european nations will join. after the war europe most of asia and the middle east would be destroyed. mexico would not be affected nor s.america or switzerland. n.korea will fall and about 1-3 billion people will die.

  9. USA's Public Are Waking Up And They Will Almost all oppose Israel. World War 3 Is Not Between Countries, It Will Be Between The Governaments Against Its People In The West.

    As For the East Well Be Certain About This, Pakistan Is The Most Powerfull Country (In Militery Might & Mujjahiddeen Supply). Many Many Generals Of Over 85 non-Muslim Countries That Invaded Afganistan Have Declared Complete Defeat In Afganistan. And All Of Them Are Saying It Is Because Of The Pakistani Mujjahiddeen.

  10. @3anternet To Stop World War 3 We All Still have A Choice And Time To Prevent It. It Is Simple. Stop The Jews, Get Them Out Of Palestine Back To 1948 Boarderlines, Get Rid Of them From Your congresses, Governaments & Financial Intituions And Media. In Simple Words You Dumb Fucks, TAKE YOUR COUNTRIES BACK FROM THESE DEVIL WORSHIPPING ZIONIST SATANISTS ILLUMINATTI SHITS.

    Take Your Fucking Country Back

    May God Be With Muslims Forever Because They are The Only Ones Who Will & Can Destroy Jews.

  11. worshipme213 says:


    LOL'ed at "NATA will be assisted by the United States"

    Are your seri- seriously?

  12. 3anternet says:

    @AlexJonesWorks4Mosad i Agree with You.

  13. I'm not sure that any of those nations will throw in with us. Maybe it will be just the US and Israel vs. the world. Maybe it will start when the rest of the world gets sick of our shit. As an American, it does not make me happy to make that observation, but it seems likely. Another thing is that it seems likely that we will be the Germans of the future. Will people fifty years after the fact, generally regard the US the instigator?

  14. Iran and Isreal begin war, US and UK and later NATO are forced to step in and assist isreal Saudia Arabia pakistan and japan aid isreal, syria joins iran, because of Syria Russia gets involved if Russia is involved their aliance (them china belerus armena kazisttan turkmekistan uzbekistan and georgia hae to get involved) thialand and argintina join allies, omen joins allies war takes place mostly in middle east expands into southeast asia and parts of eastern europe war ends with nuke on beijing

  15. @FieldMarshalB Ashkenazi jews made up the nazi party. today, they call themselves zionists, and they run the united states, most of europe, australia, and others. it's sad that we have allied with the enemy. americans do not want war….but our jewish banking masters do.

  16. And while all this is happening serbia will reclaim Kosovo and Albania will be wiped from the earth and the Serbian republic will be added to the Serbia perhaps even a part of Bosnia will be added to serbia also As you know none of wars bypassed Serbia
    and in this case Serbia will win because the Albanians and Bosnians will not hawe help from Americans and nato I hope that we will soon discover the aliens and kill them instead of each others lol it would be the only way to save our planet

  17. india would be neutral. and venezuela (under chavez) would be part of the axis.

  18. Shiv 06 says:

    India will be nuetral .. Its always with Israel and Russia.. so cannot let go either of them… On the other hand depends on which country is against it…. China India relations are just a big mystery, they are hot and cold.. depends on which side chooses India… India wont choose any side itself..

  19. Juan Tamad says:

    ok blah blah blah …

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