World War 3 (Rise of China Trailer)


As China rises , America is less and the conditions are set for war . Humanity falls early in a new world war . One that will determine the fate of Earth and …


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  1. It is impossible today, I have to set it 45 years from now just to make it more "realistic"

  2. ARC1313 says:

    funny … the EU will be the next great power NOT china yr 2040

  3. beacuse of you there are wars motherfuckers

  4. u attacked Iraq ,Afganistan, beacuse of u Ex Yugoslavia started civil war u could stop war in Bosnia,Croatia in 2 days but no u lett them kill over 8thousung muslims and u fucked up that country almost everyone hates u some day Jihad will come to u wee will bring war to your peapole to your children

  5. 420protoman says:

    the reason which makes this "possible" is because both sides are controlled by the same fuckers that control the entire world.. it's all just a game of chess to them..

  6. Cat says:

    This music is horrible… The lyrics… They don't even sound right…

  7. Its a jokey trailer. Of course its horrible, its Jackie Chan singing "Be a Man" from Mulan. haha.

  8. Oraizan Era says:

    Iraq was attacked because of Iraqi Insurgency. They were against the U.S. Government. They were responsible of Civil war, and then soon when the. They caused civil wars increasing violence in 2013, They were against Iraqi Security Forces as well.

    And now, fuck off, learn your grammar, and no Fuck you.

  9. ok fuck of motherfucker your soldiers know only to kill muslims civilians beacuse yust of they religion you droped over 50 thousuns boombs on afganistan and Good know how many civilians you killed but when muslims return the strike at US that is terrorist attack 😛 Allah will destroy your country

  10. Oraizan Era says:

    50 Thousand? LOL. Where did you get that lie from? LOL first of all. Religion is full of bullshit, Afghanistan is just a mostly moutain and a desert area. LOL Allah is a total failure. ''Each day our forces grow stronger'' my ass. Yeah, by trying kill themselves. Stupid people like them don't deserve to live on this planet

    So, what is allah gonna do? Send people to blow themselves up? Just saying.

  11. haha. thanks for watching

  12. Miguel M. says:

    One reason why the world will N-E-V-E-R fall to China: There are too many people that hate China, and another one: Russia and the other Islamic counties will never let that happen

  13. Miguel M. says:

    If u ask me (n I'm not even sure if u are) the only thing that China will conquer is her spending spree, when she's taken over by the leader that will come out of the E.U and start the last human O.W.O (One World Order) until Yeshua comes again and crushes it under His feet.

  14. 8/26 Had to swap the music because the Chinese tried to take down the video because I used a Chinese song.

  15. mickopador says:

    Awww… I liked that Mulan song! :(

  16. fuck china trying to take land soon there going to start war with america and all of americas allies and china is going to get collapse china should leave how they are or they are going to get it

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