World War 3 – Russia (Evacuates Syria) USA – Israel (Golan) Syria – Update – War Alert – WW3


As the world continues to think that everything is OK . . . Moscow announced Wednesday, June 26 , that the evacuation had begun Friday to all military …


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  1. Onie meth says:

    mother fucker 2 ANNA broadcast..satan@devil al-assadist supporters same with KUFFAR iran syi'a
    laknatullah,russians n china bustard!!!

  2. wheres the crossing of the swords.

  3. bob norwalk says:

    moron the Russians have the Orthodox Church. its you and your 17th century born again cult that has no Savior

  4. HaahaaHaaahaaahaaaah! do you retarded baboons really seriously think Russia is your friends? LOL! they hate your ugly nasty black asses, they don't give a fuck bout you! don't have too high thoughts about yourself LOL

  5. John Baart says:

    Man is born in sin and must be reborn/forgiven..we are already dead spiritually….you will die in your sins. Born once die twice, born twice die once…..spiritual and physical deaths…ie…jp

  6. dont start no shit wont be no shit


  8. фак на факе!!!)))хуй тебе обама!!!во так вот!!и путину тоже хуй!!!масонские шлюхи!!!

  9. Seela Mary says:

    just stop all of your evil ways you war mongering bullies

  10. MrJDP1974 says:

    Israel is the true aggressor of the region. I wish the arab peoples understood that the people of the US do not understand that Israel controls our policy in the Middle East and Persia and that those of us that are educated on the subject are ashamed of the atrocities that the US and Israeli governments are guilty of. We want peace with all of Islam and the people of the world. Our Government misrepresents the true interest of its people. We have no control. Israel has all control!

  11. World War 3, or any other massive global conflict, is not likely to be spawned by events that have drifted across our sources of information. Quite frankly, such a thing wouldn't be profitable at this time. We're likely to see an uptick of Snowden-esque wannabes and hacking, just because it's trendy. Simply put, nothing has really changed in 10,000 years.

  12. ETGaming22 says:

    The US don't have to worry about Syria or it's allies (not that they should be worried!) because we will help (Britain) and if we help, France will probably get involved too; meaning WW3 could be over in no time

  13. quercus says:

    Propaganda is a good thing it cuts down on population growth. These people have been fighting for thousands of years they don't need any help.

  14. Capten Panji says:

    seep fuck for amerika…
    damn ..!!

  15. Jeff's latest                  
    Moscow Masquerade: The Case of a Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
    Commentary for 23 March 2015

    “Marxism, the workers’ movement, mass democracy, Leninism, the party of the proletariat, the socialist state – all inventions of the 20th century – are not really useful to us anymore.”
                                                    -Alain Badiou, The Communist Hypothesis

    “Communism is a dogmatic abstraction and … only a particular manifestation of the humanistic principle – and is infected by its opposite, private property.”
                                                    -Karl Marx, letter to Arnold Ruge, 1843

     “I began to study, intensively and critically … the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, Mao and other ‘classics’ of Marxism. These were the founders of a new religion – the religion of hatred, revenge and atheism.”
                                                    -Alexander N. Yakovlev, Soviet propaganda chief


    Alexander Yakovlev is known as the “godfather of glasnost.” He rose to become head of the CPSU Department of Ideology and Propaganda from 1969 to 1973. But then he published an article titled, “Against Anti-historicism,” which criticized Russian as well as Soviet nationalism. If he had stopped at criticizing Russian nationalism, his position as party propagandist might have been safe. But he overreached and was exiled to Canada as the Soviet Ambassador. Given the importance of Canada as a country adjoining the United States, this was a strange demotion indeed; but as Yakovlev was a smart and personable fellow – quite liberal for a Soviet official – he became a close friend of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who in his youth had been an activist in the Communist-backed Bloc Populaire; and who got his start in the Canadian government from Robert Bryce, a close friend of Soviet spy Alger Hiss.

    If this is unrelated to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, with Trudeau as the beautiful maiden and Yakovlev as the wolf dressed in grandma’s bedclothes, we may be a bit surprised. Yet, typical situations aren't always typical. The dispatch of so liberal a Soviet official to befriend so liberal a Canadian premier may have been, after all, a total coincidence. Perhaps, indeed, Trudeau was the wolf and Yakovlev the Maiden. At any rate, while Yakovlev was in Canada he had time to think and study. Accordingly, he became a closet anti-Communist. “Once upon a time,” he wrote in his fairytale-like introduction to the Russian edition of the Black Book of Communism, “I realized that Marxism-Leninism is not a science, but at the very best it is just bad journalism – cannibalistic and self-mutilating.”

    Imagine Yakovlev’s difficulty, suddenly finding himself as a sheep in wolves' clothing. And there was Pierre Trudeau, a sheep in sheeps' clothing. Perhaps Marx’s adage about history applies to fairy tales; first they are told as tragedy, then as farce. In original story, Little Red Riding Hood is eaten by the Big Bad Wolf; but now, the Big Bad Wolf begins to channel grandma and returns to the pack as a reformer (swearing off the consumption of little girls). A marvelous parable, indeed! If only we could believe in it. Yakovlev tells us, “Since I lived and worked in high ‘orbit,’ including the highest – in the Politburo under Gorbachev – I knew very well that all these Marxist-Leninist … theories and plans were nonsense.”

    We can all see that Marxist-Leninist theories are nonsense. But why should the strategic plans of Marxism-Leninism be nonsense? Didn’t the planners successfully conquer Southeast Asia in the 1970s? And what about all those countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia? Might these plans one day encompass North America? One is reminded of Gen. Jan Sejna’s commentary on the Soviet Plan: “When my friends [in the Czech Communist government] and I studied the Strategic Plan our initial reactions were identical: we considered it quite unrealistic…. “

    But this was an illusion. Once Sejna had defected to the West, and saw how the Americans had no counter-strategy whatsoever, he wrote: “I could find no unity, no consistent objective or strategy among Western countries. It is not possible to fight the Soviet system and strategy with small tactical steps. For the first time I began to believe that the Soviet Union would be able to achieve her goals – something I had not believed in Czechoslovakia.”

    Yakovlev’s long visits with Pierre Trudeau did not convince him that Soviet plans were workable. The willingness of Trudeau to play the “useful idiot” made no impression. Only being debriefed by the CIA could have cured Yakovlev of his delusion, just as Sejna was cured. Instead of focussing on Western stupidity, Yakovlev saw the whole Soviet system maintained by idiots. To be more precise, he divided the Party elite of the Soviet Union into three categories: (1) the intelligent, (2) the stupid, and (3) the very stupid. All three groups, however, were equally cynical. And he counted himself as cynical, too. “We publicly ‘prayed’ to those idols of ours with ritualistic ‘holiness,’ but always kept our true beliefs to ourselves.”
    End Excerpt,  from:


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