World War 3 RUSSIA prepares for WAR with the Beast over Ukraine


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  1. What is the music is going? Who knows?

  2. The solution is a Resource Based Economy. Remove the Money System completely.
    Watch the Zeitgeist Movie, Zeitgeist Addendum, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, The Zeitgeist Movement, founded by Peter Joseph.

  3. Everybody else is wearing a regular business suit and he's wearing a go to hell dark purple suit

  4. john cee says:

    the russians would kick the americas  big shitty ass 

  5. john cee says:


  6. all propaganda bullshit. Russia is about to invade Ukraine, because the people want to be apart of mother Russia. The governing authorities are the ones who dont want this. Remove the government, and let the people vote.

  7. Ray Dziadzio says:

    This whole world mess is the fault of that dolt in the White House.

  8. Mr Smith says:

    Why aren't I surprised to see Fox News spitting-out US Propaganda.. 😉 Do people even watch that bull crap anymore..? I mean you get better nonsense in Bible.. at least there it has Sci-Fi (well, somewhat anyhows)..
    Something tell's me soon we will be seeing Recruitment vids on Fox telling citizens to be more "patriotic" & join "the chain of command", or basically become expendable, programmable robots.. I know it's a treat to some Hill Billies, with killing n' all.. firing a weapon at a moving target. etc..
    To be honest "Patriotism" is somewhat familiar to current man-made Religions.. it is literally a brainwashing to its extremes..

  9. MrSerialX says:

    No mention of the Soros funded overthrow in Ukraine which started all this. America can't help but meddle and create tension, Karma will be their ultimate destruction.

  10. Ru$$ia never collapsed

  11. If Ru$$ia B0MB$ San Francisco, all of the queers will have to Bend Over and Kiss Each Other's Azzes Goodby! :-)

  12. WRATH9636 says:

    True, the American Government is the puppet of Satan via the Bilderberg Group. Russia is humanity's hope now – with China's help. We used to think that the US Government is the good guy, but now we realise that it is the devil itself in disguise – doing everything to form a one world government with Satan as its head. Long live Russia, may God strengthen you and the rest of the world too.

  13. WRATH9636 says:

    Ukraine should join Russia for the US and its allies are the devil. Ukraine is blind for NATO, UN, US, and UK and their allies are the bad guys who will depopulate the world from 7 billion down to a billion or less if they win world war 3. Who believe CNN or Fox News, they are two of the US Government controlled media. What they say are all lies – relaying US evil war propaganda. All they want is war in order to implement their evil plan after the war. The US president is a puppet of the Bilderberg Group who are the real rulers of the World via the USA and UK. Russia has no choice but to prepare to defend itself from the evil allies.


  15. Glennandrews says:

    Hey Russia, can you bomb Memphis please?

  16. Nick Vasilev says:

    Заткнитесь сучки,Третьей мировой войны не будет.

  17. fuck russia and fuck china they are all declaring wars and speaking all time but the only people who stand against america is the arabs and the only who fight this world wide dictatorship is the arabs the system in the world should change united nations dont protect the people but they kill people many poor in the world and unjustice

  18. Russia will crush Australia if they wanted to

  19. Kidz Flores says:

    Screw people who hate America

  20. I like the video but unfortunately it is a one sided view of what is really going on. the Saudis with the US drive down the price of oil aimed at hurting Russia. The US has destabilise too many middle Eastern nations wanting to place puppet governments and instead chaos and civil wars have broken out. every where the US goes chaos follows.

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