World War 3 : Russia warns of pre-emptive strike on NATO Missile Defense Shield (May 03, 2012)



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  1. acflex4 says:

    voyez vous cette Révolution qui planne ??

  2. No, I don't see a planned Revolution. I see a planned Judgement coming.

  3. is it just me?,or did she almost seem to be crying.her was……strained.Like a person talks when they are holding back tears.

  4. Devin Rumer says:

    I miss the cold war, things were so much simpler.

  5. Yeah that is interesting

  6. freedom4kaz says:

    Be ready for anything, and at a moments notice!!

  7. Joe Garman says:

    nato summit is were a bunch of nations come together make a decision affect in the world

  8. Ben Benjamin says:

    why is the US Govt doing the same thing as russia did during the cuban missle crisis … we scold them, but it's OK for DC?

  9. Adammrtl27 says:

    Ben5017: learn your history. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a protest by Russia because the US moved nukes into Turkey.

    In this case, we aren't moving nukes anywhere. NATO is building a "missile shield" in Europe. Basically its a conventional missile that shoots down nuclear missiles.

  10. Russia is a paper tiger and will do nothing but talk. The truth is that Europe is in danger from missiles coming from Iran not Russia. Russia sells gas to Europe so you don't attack your customers right. The Europeans will settle for radar towers instead do weapons. The US doesn't really care to be honest.

    satan barack hell liar false mesiash wil be destroy war or nuclear war total destroy satan and satanic goverment babylon usa

  12. zBotted says:

    Another video on youtube where before they say US it goes into a satellite jam frequency thingybob 😮

  13. Jay says:

    If that Russian idiot blankets usa with nukes an I survive, I'll goto Russia an shoot that retarded fuck in the head myself.

  14. Chad mull says:

    yea it did especially at the end

  15. agentike2 says:

    yeah…it was almost like she was being forced to relay that information unwillingly…seemed like a painfull report!

  16. EscapeIxTxI says:

    but if the russians would have biulded a missle defense in cuba the american would rage hell on them xD just stupid how US and nato try to make russia angry

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