World War 3 – Scenario 2 [Alternate Future] The Road to World War 3


This was definitely on high demand, had to get this out as fast as I could. Here is Scenario 2 of the World War 3 simulation. Music: Various copyright free songs …


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  1. SGT Caleb says:

    lol i want singapore if u are posting the next war vid i love ur war videos !
    4th of july gift for U.S.A :)

  2. And China signs a surrender on my birthday

  3. It's better but China isn't ally for Russia. Srsly.

  4. I love your videos. I don' t know how the video has only 12 likes.

  5. can we do one where somalia ends up as the worlds only superpower?

  6. How do you make these?

  7. This first scenario was better . Anyway excellent but you failed the peace treaties no ?

  8. Nato vs isis isis win
    and nato vs R.S nato win

  9. Samsid says:

    Awesome, once again!

  10. 'Music:
    Various copyright-free song found on YouTube'

    such helpful.

  11. Drex says:

    You'll still get dislikes from idiots who do not understand there are two scenarios :v

  12. the first scenario is better and more realistic especially in the east and the middle east

  13. I dislike didn't include Straya kek m8 😛


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