World War 3 Simulation (2014)


SUPERVISION ON FULL SCREEN ! I’m really sorry for some mistakes . I hope you enjoy watching . About : Africa and South America will not join the war , because …


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  1. Things Wrong:
    – Arab States heavily despise Iran (especially Saudi Arabia). Syria and Iraq are Iran's only Arab allies
    – Pakistan would most likely side with the US (Military Aid) or remain neutral. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons so an Indian Invasion/Occupation would be highly unlikely
    – Japan cannot invade China or Korea because under Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, Japan is only allowed to retain "Self Defense Forces," of course this could change if WWIII happened but well just have to see when it eventually does.
    – Unless the US is involved, South Korea and Japan alone cannot invade and conquer North Korea, who has the fourth largest Armed Forces in the world.
    – When Iran develops a Nuclear ICBM, they will strike Israel first, then most likely the United States or European Union before a NATO invasion of Iran.

  2. If war start all world will die all have necular bombs so think about peace guys not wars lol

  3. Noupy Kp says:

    Hahaha..what a sweet dream, I think that the man isn't normal

  4. how many 12 yrs make this video ?

  5. this video is funnier than any troll video. who made this video. i personally give him the biggest dumb ass award.

  6. Wow WW3 but With one problem India will never fight Russia and With iran india defence pact in 2003 Its really hard to do what you just show

  7. Ray Wang says:

    lol its 2015 now n nothing happened trolololololol

  8. Victor Moh says:

    This is never gonna happen Russia and its alliances can't lose! US, Europe, Australia, japan and South Korea VS Russia, China, Midle East, North and Horn african, Iran, Pakistan, turkey india, North Korea And any other Muslim Country Also south American Countries Every Body Those who Gonna lose.

  9. Fra Ero says:

    What a fucking joke! i m laughing my ass out ,muahahahah , its called German dreams

  10. Rajon Bhuyan says:

    Perhaps Vietnam will play a larger role

  11. Arslan Ahmad says:

    I couldn't understand why every bastard is staring at South Asia Especially India and Pakistan. Stay in your dream life. No power except God can undo Pakistan.

  12. Could you please provide trustful references about this video?

  13. allie di says:

    why do you think that americans can beat russians ? and why do you think that india will support usa ?

  14. why no nuclear attacks

  15. you forget asgardians !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. India will remain neutral.Even if India chooses a side , it will be Russia , as Russia has always been a war companion of India .

  17. Jeevan More says:

    This video is hilarious. Probably the maker of this video is going by the size of the countries. The bigger the country's area, the bigger its army. simply hilarious. And again why there should always be white supremacy cliché?

  18. A childs dream at all. :D

  19. africans are busy dealing with ebola

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